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Metal Detecting Equipment Nevada

Quality Prospecting Tools and Accessories

At Northwest Detector Sales, discover the finest modern metal detectors, prospecting tools, and accessories tailored for Nevada treasure seekers. Whether you're an avid metal detectorist, a seasoned prospector searching for gold coins, or an outdoor enthusiast seeking adventure, our wide array of equipment opens the door to unearth hidden treasures scattered across Nevada's diverse terrains. Explore the outdoors with confidence using the best advanced metal detector models, including Minelab, Nokta, XP Deus, and Garrett.

We recognize the importance of securing valuable finds, so we offer a diverse range of prospecting accessories and tools tailored to enhance your overall experience. Explore our inventory to discover essential tools like gold vials, providing a secure storage solution for your fine gold and small nuggets, and tweezers designed for precision, aiding you in effectively separating gold from sand and gravel, as well as other useful products like our high-quality crevice tools, meticulously crafted to access those hard-to-reach spots, ensuring no gold-bearing crevice goes unexplored, or our selection of classifiers or gold panning sieves made for sifting and sorting materials, to streamline your search for valuable finds. Northwest Detector Sales is committed to ensuring you have the tools for a successful and enjoyable prospecting journey.

Our Gold Prospecting Equipment

Explore Nevada's gold-rich landscapes with top-tier prospecting equipment. Our curated selection features products like the XP Gold Pan Starter Kit, perfect for beginners and seasoned prospectors. This comprehensive kit equips you with essential tools for an exciting gold quest. For more advanced technology and superior gold prospecting, choose the Gold Buster 2 highbanker. Crafted for maximum efficiency in diverse terrains, this powerful highbanker elevates your gold-hunting experience. For efficient and high-volume gold recovery, try the 4-Stack Gold Cube. We have a large selection of equipment because we understand the importance of having the right tools and tailoring our equipment to ensure our customers' success in Nevada's varied landscapes and conditions.

Why Choose Our Metal Detecting Equipment?

At Northwest Detector Sales, we pride ourselves on providing the best metal detection and prospecting equipment. Our founder, Bob Mote, has over 20 years of experience in the metal detecting industry; he is the previous Northwest Mineral Prospecting Club President and an active member of the Oregon Treasure Trail Society. Bob's unmatched knowledge makes us your go-to source for expert advice on metal detecting and prospecting. We also believe in supporting our veterans by providing them with affordable access to the best tools and offering them a 15% Military discount on Minelab and Garrett metal detectors.

We Are A Top-Tier Metal Detector Supplier

Minelab Metal Detectors - Precision and Performance

Minelab Detectors incorporate exclusive advanced technologies that set them apart with unparalleled ground-balancing capabilities, a feature unmatched by any other modern metal detectors. They ensure accurate detection and reliable results in various environments. With our 15% veteran discount, Minelab detectors become even more accessible, allowing you to experience their superior capabilities without compromise.

Nokta Metal Detectors - Innovation and Versatility

Explore our selection of Nokta advanced metal detectors, celebrated for their innovation and versatility. These detectors are designed to adapt to different terrains and conditions, making them ideal for the diverse landscapes of Nevada. Nokta detectors offer reliability and efficiency, ensuring you can confidently explore the outdoors and quickly uncover hidden treasures.

XP Deus Metal Detectors - Lightweight and Portable

XP Deus metal detectors are the epitome of lightweight and portability. Perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts, these detectors offer exceptional performance without the burden of heavy equipment. Whether you're exploring wooded areas, beaches, or parks, XP Deus detectors provide accurate detection while offering unmatched convenience and freedom of movement.

Garrett Metal Detectors - Durability and Dependability

Garrett metal detectors are synonymous with durability and dependability. These detectors are crafted to withstand rugged use and challenging conditions, making them a favorite among metal detecting professionals. With Garrett detectors, you can rely on consistent performance and robust construction, ensuring your detector stands the test of time.

Your Search For Metal Detecting Equipment Near Me Is Over

Begin the popular hobby of metal detecting by exploring Nevada's beaches, parks, and public lands with our metal detecting and prospecting gear. With 20 years of expertise, we offer insider tips on equipment usage and prime locations of metal detection and prospecting backed by exceptional reviews and customer satisfaction. Northwest Detector Sales isn't merely a metal detector dealership; we're a community-driven business passionate about fostering a supportive environment for detectorists of every skill level and experience. Join us in discovering hidden treasures, connecting with history, and making unforgettable discoveries nationwide today.

We are available by phone, appointment, or online to offer personalized guidance, answer your questions, and assist you in choosing the perfect equipment for your metal detecting adventure in Nevada. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.