14x7 Mono Nugget Finder Coil

by Northwest Detector Sales
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Nugget Finder Advantage 14" Elliptical Solid Mono Coil

Whether probing beneath the granite boulders of Rich Hill, Arizona or scanning the hydraulic pits of California’s Mother Lode – this little search coil is sure to brighten your day! Measuring approximately 14” long by 7” wide, this coil has quickly become one of the most popular weapons for the serious creekbed and gully hunter. The monoloop configuration and elliptical shape offer maximum sensitivity towards smaller sized targets. In fact, the 14EM is capable of finding nuggets not heavy enough to trigger a digital scale, but still has enough 'punching' power to locate larger chunks of gold at depths of a foot or more! Because of its’ narrow, blade-like design, the 14EM can be easily maneuvered into tight nooks and crannies, where other coils have difficulty reaching. Ideal for detecting amongst thick brush or beneath boulders.

This coil is Monoloop in configuration and compatible with all Minelab GPX/GP/SD Series metal detectors. It comes standard with skid plate

Measures approx. 14” x 7.5”

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