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6 HP Honda Power Sluice & 3 inch Dredge Combination 1753H

by Keene
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SKU 1753H

Keene makes items as they’re purchased, and the wait time can be a week or more, whether you order from Keene or from us. Ordering from us you get free shipping. 

This is Keene's 175 Combination Dredge & Power Sluice, powered by a GX200 6 HP Honda Engine with a 3-inch dredge suction nozzle, 15 feet of 3-inch suction hose, and 12 feet of additional pressure hose to extend the suction system.

Keene has combined the popular power sluice and portable dredge to create an entirely efficient recovery system that can be used in almost any situation. This versatile machine can be equipped with a 2 1/2 or 3-inch suction hose for dredging. The sluice box works extremely well for dredging because the material is pre-classified before entering the sluice box. Combination units are ideally suited for shallow water areas with the power sluice being so simple to set up and requiring less water than a standard dredge to operate. All combination models can be equipped with an air compressor for diving. 

Call us before ordering to make any customizations or order any extra features you are looking for.

GX200 Honda-P180

Sluice Dimensions: 48”x12”. 

Pressure Hose: 4’ x 1.50”.

Suction Hose: 15’ x 3”

Suction Nozzle: 3”

Foot Valve #: FVA25E

Net weight 107 pounds. Shipping weight: 245 lbs.