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Copy of Hex-7 v1 Sand Scoop by CooB

SKU 010006
Hex-7 v1 Metal Beach Sand Scoop using 1.5mm thick Stainless Steel by CooB.

Effective and Lightweight model. Designed specially for an effective and simple search on the beach, underwater, and surf. Best for small ancient coins and finest jewelry…
In this Model Used Hexahedron Holes! For the production of Hexagonal holes, we used a German Punching Machine Trumpf, Trumatic 500R-1300 CNC . All other elements of the scoop, including welding, polishing - Handmade Work and Performed at a HIGH LEVEL by OUR TEAM (COOB WorkShop)

FEATURES of Construction: Used Hexahedron Holes (7mm). Made of anti-corrosion stainless steel of 1.5mm. Improved fixation of the top tube and add additional stiffening rib to make a scoop, even more, stronger and rigid. The back wall is made stingy angle that provides convenience to stop foot and reduces the load on the hands.

LENGTH: 11.5" / 290 mm. WIDTH: 8" / 200 mm. HEIGHT(Main Part): 4.3" / 110 mm HOLES: 0.27" /7  mm (hexahedron) HOLE OF HANDLE: about 1.2" / 30mm. WEIGHT: about 2.2lbs / 1 kg.

Travel Stainless Steel Pole Handle for Sand Scoop.

Steel Handles are made with Stainless steel 1.5 mm.

Diameter: 1.2" / 30 mm.

Lenght is 43.5" / 110 cm.

Weight: about 2.6lbs / 1.2 kg.


Travel Collapsible Light Strong Carbon Fiber Handle Pole.

Carbon Fiber are made of Quality Carbon Fiber.

Thickness up to 0.075" / 2mm.

Diameter: 1.2" / 30mm.

Full Length: 43" / 1100mm.

Weight: 2.2lbs / 1kg.