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Nokta Legend WHP Metal Detector OLD MODEL CLOSEOUT PRICE!

by Nokta
Original price $499.00 - Original price $499.00
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$499.00 - $499.00
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SKU 11000831
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  • Nokta Makro has come out swinging. The Nokta Makro Legend has extraordinary depth capabilities WE'VE TESTED OURSELVES in our Nokta Legend vs Equinox vs XP Deus 2 video

    The Nokta Legend has a staggering assortment of features for a very reasonable price. 

    The Legend offers both simultaneous multi-frequency, and single frequency options. But that’s not all… 

    Search modes include Park, Field, Relic, and Gold Field Modes.

    Each mode has specific multi or single frequency options you can choose within it. 

    Enjoy stable, quiet operation in all conditions, including wet sand, dry sand, and heavy mineralized soil types. 


    People have been shown throwing the Nokta Legend around and it can take a beating! Waterproof up to 3-meters deep. 

    FerroCheck Iron Check Feature

    Ferrocheck isn’t a type of discrimination, but it is a valuable tool. Ferrocheck is represented by a bar opposite the non-ferrous bar on the main screen. Your Ferrocheck bar will light up any time a target is more likely to be iron. 

    Iron Filter & Recovery Speed

    Iron filter is used in heavy iron trash. A lower Iron Filter setting will increase the probability of ferrous targets to be classified as non-ferrous targets and vice versa.

    Recovery Speed is used in trashy areas to get more efficient target separation. A lowe recovery speed will give the user more depth, but may start to blend deeper targets. 

    Astonishing Audio Features

    The Nokta Legend give you insane audio features and options including: 

    ~Number of tones

    ~Tone Volume

    ~Tone Frequency

    ~Tone Break

    ~Threshold Level

    ~Threshold Frequency

    ~Lithium Ion Battery Level 20+ hours

    ~Firmware Updates

    Also Included Are: 

    ~Built in CLOCK and TIME TRACKING! 

    ~Lower Carbon Fiber Shaft!


    ~Vibration Mode

    ~Back Light 

    Nokta Legend Weight 3lbs

    These Nokta Makro Legend features are just the beginning, to read more see the Nokta Makro Legend User Manual.

    3-Year Warranty

    Aftermarket Add-Ons

    13.5” inch Waterproof DD Search Coil.

    12.5” inch Wateerproof DD Search Coil.

    5.3mm (¼”) Headphone adapter.