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Fast charger for AA, AAA, C, D & 9V batteries

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SKU NC1500

Enecharger NC1500U

Fast automatic charger for AAA, AA, C, D & 9V NiCd/NiMH cells. Input 100-240VAC or 12VDC. Can charge 4 D cell batteries at once for your D cell torch!

This charger is designed for charging all the common size (AAA, AA, C, D, 9V) nickel cadmium & nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Trickle charge top off ensures batteries are completely charged ensuring maximum cell capacity, a feature many other fast chargers do not offer.

Input via a 100-240VAC adaptor or 12V cigarette lighter adaptor both included.

Fast charge rate 2000mA (AA, C, D), 1000mA (AAA)
Trickle charge rate 200mA (AA, C, D), 100mA (AAA), 13mA (9V)
4 individual circuits to charge 1, 2, 3 or 4 AAA, AA, C or D NiCd or NiMH batteries
2 individual circuits to charge 1 or 2 9V NiCd or NiMH batteries
Individual cell LED indicators
Built-in safety timer - For the 4 main slots (not 9V) if charging is still taking place after 3 hours the safety timer will cut out the fast charge and the charging current will drop to trickle charge rate. For high capacity batteries (higher than 4.4Ah) the charger will need to be reset (turned off then back on again after 3 hours) for fast charging to resume
Primary battery autodetect so non-rechargeable batteries cannot be inadvertantly charged
Fully charges (100%) batteries as opposed to approx' 80% for most fast chargers.
Not recommended for standard capacity older style NiCd AA & AAA cells

Description Fast automatic charger for AAA, AA, C, D & 9V NiCd/NiMH cells. Input 240VAC or 12VDC
Brand Enecharger
Width 125mm
Height 60mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 187mm
Weight 570g
Enecharger World Voltage Universal Automatic Fast Charger with trickle charge top off.