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Garrett’s Multi Zone walk-through metal detectors

by garrett
Original price $3,995.00 - Original price $4,245.00
Original price
$3,995.00 - $4,245.00
Current price $3,995.00
Garrett’s Multi Zone walkthrough metal detector provides enhanced performance and special program selections engineered to meet the varying security requirements of schools, special events, government buildings, mass transit, entertainment venues, loss prevention, zoos, and more. This budget-friendly detector includes a bright LED display and a zone light array on each side that is visible in the brightest sunlight. The Multi Zone’s industry leading performance is enhanced by an Auto Setup function, 20 zones, and tamper proof circuitry. Operator adjustments are simple, thanks to the unit's intuitive menu design and slider bar feature. A 1.5 amp-hour battery is included to act as a backup unit during power loss or accidental AC disconnection.

Standard Programs Over 15 application programs included
Up to 200 distinct sensitivity levels
Zone Indications
20 zones
Overhead Control Unit
All electronics—LED, alarm light, bar graph,
control touch pads—integrated to eliminate

exposed wires, tampering.

Tamper-Proof Settings
Three levels of access control
Self Diagnostic Program
Complete and automatic
Zone Sensitivity Boost
20 Independently adjustable boosts
Battery Packs
1.5 amp-hour battery module provides typical
1 hour operating time. Optional 14 amp-hour

battery module provides up to 10 hours

operating time. Both batteries are integrated

to eliminate exposed wires, tampering.

24 months, Limited Parts/Labor
Passageway Interior Size
Width 30" (0.76 m)
Height 80" (2.03 m)

Depth 23" (0.58 m)

Overall Exterior Size
Width 35" (0.90 m) Height 87" (2.21 m)
Depth 23" (0.58 m)

Shipping Size
Width 35.5" (0.90 m)
Height 91.5" (2.32 m)

Depth 6.25" (.16 m)

Shipping Weight
151 lbs. (68.5 kg)
Operating on AC: -4º F (-20º C) to +140º F (60º C)
Battery operation: 14º F (-10º C) to +140º F (60º C)

Humidity to 95% non-condensing

Storage: -22º F (-30º C) to 176º F (80º C)

Battery storage: -14º F (-10º C) to +176º F (80º C)

Fully automatic 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 40 watts; no
rewiring, switching or adjustments needed.

Regulatory Information
Meets Electrical Safety and Compatibility Requirements
for CE, FCC, CSA, IEC, ICNIRP, IEEE. Additional certifications


Meets IP 55, IEC 529 Standard for moisture, foreign matter

Attractive scratch and mar-resistant laminate. Detection
Head and Support: heavy duty aluminum.

Access Control
(optional) Relay Module provides relay contact via RS 485 cable
Remote Control
(optional) Desktop Remote Control with Zone Indication and/or via
network with IoT Control Module (iC Module).

(optional) Manage individual or groups of walkthroughs and perform
statistical analysis of throughput using iC Module.

Random Alarm Feature
Adjustable from 0 to 100 percent.

Suggested Multi Zone Accessories:

Product Description/
Part No.
Lithium battery module, 14 AHr 1171400

Relay Module 1171200

iC Module (Wireless & Wired) 1171600

IR remote control 1169500

Desktop Remote Control 1171100

Caster system 1169101

Adhesive floor mount kit 1604101