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Gold Core Professional Dive Suit

by Keene
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The Gold Core suit is constructed of a special material which has a very low conductivity rating and therefore provides superior insulation. Most every diver knows the benefits of wrist and ankle seals, the Gold core provides a virtual full body seal, eliminating water from traveling between the suit and the diver's skin. Heavy wetsuits can contribute to diver fatigue but Gold Core suits are up to 30% lighter then similar suits made from standard neoprene. The Gold Core suit is also 20% more flexible then standard neoprene suits.

The material Gold Core suits are made from do not absorb water and therebor dry almost instantly! (2 to 5 minutes versus 90+ minutes for standard neoprene suits.) No absorption of water also means that Gold Core suits actually prohibit bacterial growth! Suits made from Gold

Core technology slip on and off like a pair of comfortable pajamas. The struggle that norammly comes with putting on a standard wet suit can contribute to pre-dive fatigue but you have none of that with a Gold Core suit. Bottom line is that the Gold Core is simply a superior suit that any diver or dredger will treasure.