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Gray Ghost Platinum Wireless Headphones for the XP Deus 2!

Original price $169.95 - Original price $169.95
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$169.95 - $169.95
Current price $169.95

You must have your XP headphone module to connect these headphones to the XP Deus!

Gray Ghost has unleashed the new Wireless Platinum Series Headphones for the XP Deus and the XP Deus 2! 

These headphones are an upgraded version of the the popular Gray Ghost’s for the XP Deus. 

Now experience the very best top quality sound coming through your headphones! 

The Gray Ghost Platinum were created to stand up to harsh outdoor environments while delivering extreme comfort. 

Experience the unparalleled sound blocking technology of Gray Ghost Platinum, allowing you to hear the faintest deepest signals in comfort. 

These headphones actually stay on your head! 

~Heavy duty polymer muffs surround your ear with comfortable cushions. 

~Adjustable padded headband with no screws and no rust! 

~Sound blocking muff design up to 24-decibels. 

~Special connector accepts your XP Headphone Module. 

~Backed by limited lifetime warranty. 

~Compatible with the XP Deus and XP Deus 2.