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Shop Now! Pay in 4 interest-free installements with Klarna
Shop Now! Pay in 4 interest-free installements with Klarna

HP-3100 Lithium Ion Battery Pack for White’s Metal Detectors

by RnB
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  • Description:
  • Compatible Metal Detectors
  • Get twice or MORE the battery life of a Whites Rechargeable battery pack Smart Charger Technology Tells you the Battery pack is fully charged Holds a charge for months at a time with no need for trickle charge Battery Pack Loads and Unloads with Two Finger ease Cost Effective, never buy an alkaline battery again Charges in Less than 2 hours and will Hold 97% of that Charge in a Year! High Capacity Lithium-ion Delivers Long Life Run Time with Fade-Free Power! Smart Home Charger Shuts Off Automatically when fully Charged and shows a Green L.E.D. Optional 12v Smart Car Charger works the Same as the Home Charger. Hunt for Days on a Single Charge. One Year Unconditional Warranty.

  • Compatible Metal Detectors Whites V3 Whites V3i Whites TDi-SL Whites SPECTRA SERIES Whites MXT Whites MXT PRO Whites M6 Whites BEACH HUNTER ID SERIES Whites GMT Whites GMZ Whites TDI SL Whites ULA/SIERRA MADRE Whites CLASSIC 4 Whites CLASSIC 5ID Whites XLT Whites DFX Any other Whites Metal Detector using the standard SL Penlight Holder Part Number: 802-7150