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Lesche RH Digging Tool

by Lesche
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Lesche is above and beyond the best metal detecting digging tool on the market, made right here in the USA. Other digging tools may look convincing, but Lesche has by far the stronger steel and the sharper serrated blade. 

Why is a single-sided serrated blade better for digging than a double-sided serrated blade?

For one, you are trying to use this as a small shovel, so having one side of the Lesche blade non-serrated provides more surface area to hold and scoop dirt with. 

Secondly, if you’re using a double-sided serrated blade, you’re more likely to scratch your treasures when retrieving them. 

The Lesche comes with a sturdy belt holder so you don’t lose it when detecting in the field. 

Lesche blade length: 7”-inches.

Lesche blade width: 1 3/4”-inches. 

Total Lesche length: 12” inches. 

Tips for using your Lesche: 

  1. Always cut straight down on a vertical axis. If you cut diagonally, you risk sawing the Lesche right into your target. Use more pressure on the serrated side of the blade when cutting your plug. But use more pressure on the non-serrated side of the blade when scooping dirt out of your plug so as not to risk damaging your target.  Scoop dirt out carefully, working around the diameter of the plug.
  2. Let’s say you start cutting your plug with your Lesche tool and you run into a hard object. First, give the object a few taps, if it sounds like metal, it is most likely a sprinkler, proceed with caution. If it sounds like wood, like a big root, and you cannot figure out how to cut a clean plug, take the Blade of the Lesche like you are filleting a fish, just under the roots of the grass so when you peel the grass plug back it is still intact and whole. This way you can actually see what the root system you’re dealing with looks like and you can still preserve your plug. 
  3. Let’s face it, running into root systems while metal detecting is probably the most annoying and time consuming obstacle ever. After using tip number 2, if the root system is small enough, use the serrated part of your lesche to saw the roots around the diameter of your hole. You don’t want to saw within the middle of the hole because you risk damaging your target, try to be skillful. Once the roots around the diameter of your hole have been cut, you will have opened up a space to scoop dirt out (carefully), and retrieve your target.