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Shop Now! Pay in 4 interest-free installements

RTG 5 X 9" inch Aluminum Beach Scoop With 5/8" Holes


RTG’s super-light travel beach scoop is one of the best metal detecting beach scoops you can buy. If you’re looking for an affordable and durable beach scoop, RTG can stand up to the competition and beat the price.

This particular scoop weighs 3.5lbs with the handle, and comes apart into two pieces for traveling convenience.

Reinforced aluminum makes this scoop incredibly durable. The handle is welded at a 20-degree angle to the scoop to provide optimum leverage for your foot to push it into the sand. There is a T-top brace to make the scoop super durable.

Scoop Bucket: 5” (wide) X 9” (long) inches. 

Handle: 1 ¼” inches diameter. 40”inches without the bucket, 47” inches long total. 

Hole size: ⅝” inches diameter. 

Made in the USA!