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Shop Now! Pay in 4 interest-free installements with Klarna

Scuba Tector Pro Coming Soon

by Quest
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SKU Scuba Tector Pro

Coming Soon

Designed for those who break through the boundaries and redefine the underwater adventure, the Scuba Tector Pro is by far the most versatile and portable underwater metal detector Quest Metal Detector ever made.
With a foldable and interchangeable coil, patented dual-hinge joint, extendable handle, large battery capacity, and the powerful pulse induction system, the STP is the ultimate detector for beach or Underwater.

Patented dual-hinge design protects the cable from piercing or scratching And easy to adjust the angle.

Fully unfold for underwater searching or semi-fold for beach detecting With an extension kit.

Compare to the Scuba Tector, the STP's coil is two times larger but only 1/2 When folded. You can carry it easier during your traveling and get more Coverage when you are detecting.

Compare to the existing competitors, the STP with the standard coil is almost 2X larger scan area with the same or even better sensitivity. It helps the diver to save air and prolong the time for an underwater adventure.

The new STP offers a simple and intuitive user experience. The redesigned control and alarm system is well organized and user-oriented. A full open flashlight window provides more lumens during the hunting. The battery status LED display is located on the grip. 3segments LED lights show you the strength of the signal from the target.

The unibody plastic injection design leaves no weak point to water damage. Dual O-ring design of the battery cap provides extra protection to keep water, sand or dirt out of the electronic house. The transparent rim is designed for watertight checking.

Bold and practical texture patterns reinforced the gripping. It will stay in your hand securely with or without diving gloves. Optimized fluid dynamics body design reduces water resistance.

The interchangeable electronic pod is easy to take off and install into a new coil. You can change coils to meet your requirements.

Built-in Li-Po battery with type C recharge port. It is two-sides rechargeable and very durable for years recharge. Onboard button dive mode and snorkeling mode switch.