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Shrew 6.5 x 3.5" inch CORS Coil

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  • Description:
  • Specifications:
  • The CORS Shrew Search Coil is designed to search on land heavily littered with iron and other debris. The shape of the coil helps to separate nonferrous metal from iron. This coil is light and has excellent maneuverability, it is recommended for use on the beach, foundations of destroyed buildings, attics, wells and tunnels. This coil has good sensitivity to large, medium and especially small targets. The CORS Shrew Search Coil is easy to use and is very good at pinpointing targets. The coil is fully submersible, the coil body is filled with high quality epoxy resin. Price from $101. to $169 Select Detector and Model when ordering.

    • The Coil is filled with a high quality epoxy resin
    • Double D Configuration
    • High Discrimination
    • Extremely robust coil mounting bracket
    • Cable Strain relief offers complete waterproofing
    • Outer Coil shell manufactured from high impact resistant plastic UV Protected
    • The Search Coil is completely Waterproof
    • Coil cover is included (you can use it without a coil cover as well)
    • Protective connector Cap included to prevent dirt and dust from getting in when not in use
    • Connector has gold or silver plated contacts depending on the model
    • High-strength cable with a larger cross-section of conductors.?˜Made in Germany
    • Weight: 14.25 oz (402 g) (without coil cover)
    • Full 2 Year Warranty