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GPX-4500 Gold Detector

by Minelab
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SKU 3300-0013
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  • The Minelab GPX-4500 is now the ultimate in premium mid-range gold finding technology offering features and performance levels that other manufacturers are yet to match. The GPX-4500 integrates Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA) technology alongside Minelab™s existing Multi Period Sensing (MPS) and Dual Voltage Technology(DVT), making it a real pleasure to use at a SUPER PRICE! How much does it cost? The best news is that the pricing for the GPX-4500 has been reduced for this re-introduction. The 11" DD for general use, Plus it gets better as the 11" Mono Coil will also be included absolutely FREE as part of the pack.

  • SETA, DVT & MPS Technology make small hard to hear nuggets more obvious.

    Timings in the GPX-4500 is even more versatile. In addition to the four timings found on the previous model, the GPX-4500 has two additional timings: Enhance and Sharp. The Enhance timing is a powerful feature, similar to the Sensitive Smooth timing, but provides an improvement in the depth and signal response on small and large targets alike. The Sharp timing is more suited to quieter soils and can also help to pinpoint faint targets.

    Six pre-programmed search modes for easy switch-on-and-go detecting. In addition to General and Deep search are Hi Mineral; Hi Trash; Patch and Test A modes. All six search modes can be modified with your favourite settings and renamed.

    Ground Balance Off for neutral soils in addition to normal and specific ground balance options on previous model. In GB Off the ground balance circuit is bypassed for deep detection. This is a useful feature in very benign low mineralised or salt saturated soils. This setting will also work well for treasure or relic hunters in loam or sandy soils.

    Backlight with adjustable time-out to preserve battery life.

    Stabilizer for the smoothest threshold. The Stabilizer function is a fine tuner that gives the operator full control over the threshold stability. In quiet conditions, increase the stabilizer control and faint target signals will be more obvious. Turning it down will provide you with a smoother threshold, improving your ability to pick up the faintest of signals

    Target Volume in addition to the Volume Limit control prevents signals from being too loud. Target Volume allows you to increase the strength of softer target signals. This is useful in windy conditions, for people suffering from hearing loss, and to adjust the audio volume when using external speakers. The Target Volume can also be used as an audio boost in mild soils, and can be used to reduce or smooth out ground noise signals in highly mineralised soils. This is a powerful feature, and will work in conjunction with the Stabilizer control fine-tuning.

    Improved discrimination so you can detect trashy ground. The Iron Reject function allows the operator to set the desired level of discrimination, from cautious to aggressive. This allows detecting in areas with high levels of ferrous junk.

    Built-in amplifier so you can hear soft target signals from deeper nuggets, more easily. The Li-lon battery pack includes a built-in audio amplifier, allowing you to use an external speaker without the need for any external booster. The design of the amplifier and the use of high-quality low noise components ensures the signal response is clear and crisp, without the added background hum of some boosters..