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Shop Now! Pay in 4 interest-free installements with Klarna

Where To Find Gold in California

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This book has concise, informative descriptions and directions to the gold site. Researched in the field, on the rivers, hand panning and dredging in the many waters of California. MAPS with directions to the gold location are accurate.

Old mine dumps hold forgotten gold minerals that was overlooked. After the spring rains have washed the gold from the surrounding hills, California's gravel and sand bars contain the gold placer Dredging, rocker sluicing, hand panning, nugget sniping, metal detecting and high banking are the 'fun' tools that get the nuggets to show up. Nothing prettier than the sight of a ring of gold nuggets shimmering against the background of black magnetite in the gold pan. Only 20% of the gold has been removed from California's ancient river beds. Platinum, jade, silver, diamonds and a host of rare-earth metals are the elixir mixture of the gravel beds