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3 Must-Have Accessories for Metal Detecting

3 Must-Have Accessories for Metal Detecting

There are few hobbies quite like metal detecting. It combines outdoor adventuring with treasure hunting, allowing you to make money while exploring new places.

Alongside your metal detector, you’ll probably need to have some additional equipment to be successful. Here are three must-have accessories for metal detecting.


Individuals who do lots of metal detecting understand the importance of headphones in uncovering unique finds. Headphones allow you to pick up a more comprehensive range of signals and dial in on the type of metal buried underground.

Headphones improve the clarity of the signal and allow you to pick up noises that wouldn’t be audible over the metal detector’s built-in speaker. Headphones are especially important if you’re hard of hearing or operating in a noisy area.

Rain Cover

You’ll probably also want a rain cover, especially if you’re planning on going out in foul weather. Rain covers go over your metal detector while maintaining screen visibility, allowing you to protect your equipment while working in wet conditions.

Rain covers also protect your metal detector from scratches, dents, and dust accumulation. However, it’s crucial to find a cover for your specific brand to ensure it creates an seal against the elements.


When you find metal, it can be advantageous to approximate its exact location before digging. A pinpointer is a small handheld metal detector that allows you to home in on the signal and dig straight to your quarry, saving you time and energy during your hunt.

You usually use a pinpointer after the main metal detector unit has picked up on a signal. Shallower targets will show up right away, making them easier to find. You can use it while digging to ensure you’re going in the right direction. A pinpointer can also help you prevent damage to vulnerable treasure during your dig.

Find the Equipment That Works for You

No matter what you’re searching for, the right tools will make things go more smoothly. Finding items related to metal detecting for sale at a reasonable cost will allow you to save money for additional equipment.

With these three must-have accessories for metal detecting, you’ll be able to find more unique items with less effort.

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