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Northwest Detector Sales:

Northwest Detector Sales is located in Tigard, Oregon and holds an Authorized Dealership for Minelab, Fisher, Garrett, Nokta Makro, Teknetics, XP Deus, Keene and White's metal detectors.

Our product line also includes a large stock of prospecting equipment, accessories, books, magazines and parts.
We are the largest stocked dealers in northwest



Hi! My name is Bob Mote, and I've been involved in metal detecting and gold prospecting for over 20 years. I've been an active member of the Northwest Mineral Prospecting Club for 19 years now, a member of the Oregon Treasure Trail Society, plus I support many other clubs.

This business came about because I like having the best, most up-to-date detectors, and wanted to provide the same for fellow club members, and for other gold prospectors and detectorists - at great prices.

Customer service and satisfaction is my number one priority!

I am not a salesperson. I don't sell detectors. People buy from me because I know about detectors and prospecting and I am willing to spend the time with you to help you make the best decision - and to support you anytime in the use of the equipment you own.

I work by appointment and the Internet, if you want to talk about detectors or prospecting or need information, give me a call anytime between 9 am to 6 pm.

If I can be of help in any way, Call (503) 936-1443 or Contact Us

Bob's History

Bob started prospecting and gold detecting 20 years ago with Minelab’s SD-2100. Upon retirement from the elevator business back in 2004, Bob started NW Detector Sales. "I really only started this business so I could get a discount on detectors and equipment” he’ll tell you jokingly. Since then, he has had one heck of retirement, growing NW Detector Sales into one of the largest dealers in the USA.

What does Bob do in his spare time? He has been actively involved with various prospecting clubs, including the role as President for NW Mineral Prospecting Club for 5 years. He attends many outings, conventions, trades shows, or is just plain hunting for gold at his claim in the Bradshaw Mountains and in other parts of Arizona.

Give Bob a call for information, or just to chat. He is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Can you guess who Bob’s favorite travelling companion is? [Hint: She is a blonde who is always happy to see him.



Please welcome Keph Sherin, our new employee at NWDetectorSales!
Keph has known Bob for 8-years, he bought his first detector from him. He has hunted the Garrett AT-Pro, Whites Spectra V3I, Fisher F75LTD, Minelab CTX 3030, and now hunts with the Minelab Equinox 800. Even before he was metal detecting Keph was an avid treasure hunter, looking for fossils, bottles, artifacts, gemstones, and rockhounding.
Keph Plans to blow up NWDetectorsales social media with some of his fun finds and share articles and tips about metal detecting.



Louise joined out the team in spring of 2010 assisting with the Gold and Treasure show in Salem, and she has been doing projects for us ever since, including assisting in running the store while Bob nugget hunts in Arizona during the winter months. She retired from an HR recruiting career bringing her business and organizational skills to compliment our team.

Although she is new to detecting, Louise is enjoying the challenge of all there is to learn while offering her insights into marketing and business management. She holds an MBA degree from New Mexico State University and now lives just minutes away from the store here in Tigard Oregon. When not working with NW Detector Sales, we’ll give you three guesses on what Louise likes to do. [Hint: the black and white animal in the photograph, is not a cow]



It was in 1965 when Monte's brother bought a detector kit – the kind that wired to a transistor radio. It didn’t work, so he gave it to Monte, who promptly tore it apart and fixed it. He has been an "avid metal detecting hobbyist” ever since.

Remember White’s Ghost Towner BFO? That was Monte’s first "metal mineral locator” he purchased in 1968. 52 years later, Monte has an extensive history of dedication to detecting. He has created detecting clubs, written articles, held numerous training seminars, as well as tested and advised on many prototype detectors for manufacturers over the years. Presently Monte continues to offer his knowledge to fellow detector enthusiasts though forums (check out and with training classes offered through Northwest Detector Sales.

Few people, if any, know more about detectors than Monte whose input and services are a great asset to our team. So the question is, if Monte has been detecting for 47 years, how old was he when he started? [Hint: it is not a negative number.]



A nomad at heart, Lou is happiest in the Arizona hills, hunting for gold. He has been traveling since he was 14 years old when he left home in Philadelphia, eventually ending up in Western Arizona. For the last 15 years,

Lou has been exploring all those hills and valleys, making him a valuable resource as a guide in the area.
Lou got the gold bug when he was camping with his son 18 years ago. There he met Bill Southern, and the two became prospecting friends. Soon after, Lou bought his first Gold Bug, and those two learned a lot about nugget hunting and prospecting in those hills together. Bob Mote and Lou began their friendship at an outing in Gold Basin 10 years ago. Every winter, they team up and work the claims, then pop down to the local tavern for dinner and to give the bartenders a bad time.

Lou offers his services by organizing outings and tours for friends and customers of Northwest Detector Sales. When he isn’t prospecting, he is a computer whiz, and he really enjoys photography, so we can look forward to more great photographs from Lou in the future. If you need to get a hold of him, and his cell phone is out of range, you can probably find him dry washing on our claim in the Bradshaw Mountains.

So the question is, while detecting together, who do you think finds more gold nuggets in the field, Lou or Bob? [Hint: not available at this time]


Honey celebrates her 13th year working side-by-side with Bob. She plays a major PR role at Northwest Detector Sales, in addition to working closely with Bob as his personal assistant.

Honey has advanced training, but her real experience comes with hours in the field having accompanied Bob on regular outings, including working claims with him in Arizona. She is darned good at digging too. When Bob says "dig”, she digs. But really, who do you think runs the show at NW Detectors? [Hint: Bob is a push-over for blondes]


Bob had to have another beautiful blonde on the team so Sally came to join us a few months after Honey’s passing. Although not one to dig at the claims, Sally prefers to guard the jeep while in the field and serve as the greeting committee in the office.

She is great at notifying us when shipments have arrived. She always has a kind word for everyone she meets including other dogs, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, squirrels, and javelina.


Brix is an English Cream Golden Retriever. He is deadly handsome and makes noises you've never heard from a dog before! 

He howls, squeals, purrs, gargles, grunts, does an uncanny Chewbacca impression, and much much more. 

When Brix is not being a needy love-monster, or spelling out t-r-e-a-t while pointing his nose at the bag, he is holding down the fort with Bob--his faithful man-servant. 

We hope to spend many more years with such a loving and entertaining hound!