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Shop Now! Pay in 4 interest-free installments with ShopPay

Shipping Policy

Merchandise is usually shipped within 24 hours upon receipt of order, however please read below for further information on why your order may be delayed. 

This catalog represents a list of current items as shown on the manufacturer’s literature. This listing does not necessarily reflect current in-stock conditions here at Northwest Detectors Sales. Although we have wide, in-depth selections on hand, it is not possible to have all items at all times. 

"IN STOCK" vs "OUT OF STOCK" We do not state on any item that it is actually "IN STOCK". There are thousands of items we sell on our site, some of them must be drop-shipped. Drop-shipping can create irregularities in shipping time. For instance, sometimes our manufactures or distributers do not have the item in stock and are back-ordered. Or, sometimes we are between orders and awaiting a shipment. There are many factors that are simply out of our control and so we cannot mark items as distinctly "IN STOCK". 

Sometimes Google will suggest we have an item in stock. This is also out of our control as Google has various ways of gathering information and projecting it on its search platform that do not accurately reflect the actual products status on our website. Again, this is not done deliberately and most of the time it is out of our control. 

If an item is marked "OUT OF STOCK" then we clearly do not have it. However, you are always welcome to call and inquire about when we will get it back in. 

Selecting A Shipping Service/Speed  We retain the right to choose what shipping service is ultimately used. This is due to the fact shipping costs are extremely high, and sometimes inaccurate to the point and can eat into our profits. This is not fair to us, we do our best to be very generous, but we can't pay the customer to buy an item, we would go out of business. Therefore we must ultimately retain the right to choose what shipping service/speed is ultimately used in the end. 

Larger Keene items are drop-shipped. Keen makes these as they go. Keene can take a week or more to get these orders together. The shipping time is the same whether you order from Keene or from us. We offer free shipping and no sales tax whereas Keene does not. 

COILS We could not possibly keep the hundreds of coils we have listed on our site all in stock. Due to this fact we drop-ship many of them. Drop-shipping can take longer than if we were to ship it ourselves. Our manufacturers and distributers do not always tell us that coils have run out, or if they have become completely obsolete. Therefor, there is no guarantee that some of these coils may not be available anymore, in which case you will receive a full refund. 

Alaska and Hawaii are not eligible for free shipping over $200, however, will receive a 20% refund on their shipping costs.

Canada orders are not eligible for free shipping over $200, and are responsible for duties and taxes (if there are any), which will be charged upon delivery. 

If any products are returned due to refusal to pay duties and taxes, all shipping  duties and taxes (and any other fees) will come out of the refund.

 Dedicated to the Detectorists, small-scale and recreational gold prospectors.
Please contact us if you have any questions about this Shipping policy.