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5 Things To Consider Before Buying a Mini Dredge

5 Things To Consider Before Buying a Mini Dredge

What is dredging, exactly? It’s the process of removing material, such as gold-laden gravel, from an underwater environment. Dredges can be compact and portable or heavy and complex. If you’re considering buying a mini dredge for your prospecting hobby, use these five tips to guide you as you shop.

Your Dredging Environment

Where will you be using your mini dredge? If you’re heading to a shallow pond or stream, one of our backpack mini dredges will do the trick! However, if you plan to dredge a larger or deeper area, consider using a dredge with a wider suction hose.

Frequency of Use

How dedicated are you to your prospecting hobby? If you spend more than half the year searching for gold deposits, you may want to consider having multiple dredges in your arsenal. Use a 2-inch suction dredge for shorter outings, and invest in a larger dredge for more involved projects.

Need for Extra Equipment

As you shop for mini dredges, pay careful attention to the product details. Does the dredge come with a header box and sluice, or will you have to purchase them separately? The backpack dredges that Northwest Detector Sales offers include everything you need to get started, from suction nozzles to sluices.

Suction Hose Diameter

As its name implies, the suction hose on a 2-inch gold dredge has a limited capacity. How much sediment do you plan to dredge from your prospecting location? A 2-inch hose is perfect for ponds, small lakes, and other areas with finer sediments. For larger or more in-depth projects, consider a hose with a diameter of 4 inches or wider to suction up large volumes of gravel more quickly.

Portability Needs

If you like to go on solo prospecting expeditions, a 2-inch backpack dredge will be your greatest tool. Its relatively lightweight and convenient backpack style makes it highly portable and easy for a single operator to use. Meanwhile, larger dredging expeditions benefit from the help of a second operator.

Thinking about buying a mini dredge? It’s an amazingly convenient tool for solo or hobbyist prospectors on the go. Consider these five things as you shop for a mini dredge at Northwest Detector Sales.

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