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5 Tips for Selecting the Right Metal Detector for You

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Metal Detector for You

As hobbies go, metal detecting is remarkably rewarding—both in terms of the treasures you’ll find and the mental engagement it takes to find them. If you’re interested in becoming a detectorist yourself, the first thing you’ll need is—you guessed it—a high-quality metal detector.

If shopping for a detector is confusing, check out Northwest Detector’s tips for choosing the right metal detector for you. Think about these points as you shop, and you’re sure to find a detector that fits your unique needs.

Determine Your Targets

Different metal detectors will be more adept at picking up different targets. Are you looking for old coins, jewelry, or gold?

If you have specific goals for metal detecting, choose equipment that will help you achieve that goal. For example, a Garrett gold detector will be able to tell the difference between a gold ring and a rusty bottle cap without requiring you to dig it up.

Consider Who Will Use It

Is this metal detector for your use only, or will you be sharing it with children or young adults? If you’re in the market for a detector that the whole family can use, you should look for lightweight, beginner-friendly options. Many detectors have adjustable poles so that kids and grown-ups can easily handle them.

Think About Your Usage Frequency

Is your metal-detecting hobby more of a weekend diversion or an everyday activity? If you plan to go for frequent walks with your metal detector, choose one suitable for various terrains. You’ll want detecting equipment that can hold up to bumpy rides and rugged environments.

Reflect on Where You Plan To Detect

Depending on where you live and where you want to detect, you may look for different features in your metal detector. For example, you may not want or need an underwater detector if you live in the desert. However, it’ll come in handy if you take frequent walks on the beach!

Have a Budget in Mind

High-quality metal detectors come at a variety of price points. You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for a detector that’ll provide years of enjoyment. Set a firm budget for yourself and look at the options in every price bracket, asking yourself the previous four questions as you shop.

As you shop for the right metal detector for you, remember these tips before you hit “buy.” Northwest Detector Sales is home to one of the largest selections of metal detectors available online. We’re sure to have one that fits your requirements and budget.

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