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Common Places To Search With a Metal Detector

Common Places To Search With a Metal Detector

Part of the fun of metal detecting is looking for new places to hunt for treasure. Have you grown tired of trekking to the same few places, finding fewer and fewer valuable pieces every time you go? Let this list of common places to use a metal detector inspire you to branch out!

Old Churches

Churches, particularly older or historical ones, are a great place to search for coins and other treasures as long as you get permission beforehand. Because they see large gatherings of people at least once a week, you’re likely to find metal pieces beyond the odd bottle cap. Just make sure to be respectful of the land you’re detecting on and follow any rules or guidelines set by the church.

City Parks

You’re more likely to find coins and jewelry in places where people often congregate and have their things out. Take your metal detector down to a bustling city park and pay special attention to playgrounds, basketball courts, and shady trees. Focus on areas where people are likely to misplace small objects.


Check with your state or county before detecting on a campground to ensure you’re allowed to do so. Detecting on a campground will get you out into nature, and these areas have plenty of natural nooks and crannies where small metal items are likely to get lost. Take your metal detector and other prospecting supplies down to the local campground for a day, and you may come back richer for it!


Is there a plot of land nearby that’s often used for fairs and carnivals? Take your metal detector for a walk after your local county fair or Renaissance festival has closed for the season. Jewelry vendors often drop small articles in the grass while taking down their stands. Plus, there are always stray coins to be found in any location that sees commerce!


Perhaps the gold standard of metal detecting spots, beaches are great spots to hunt for treasure in the sand while you enjoy the sun and sea. Focus on the areas where beachgoers commonly set up their towels and umbrellas; when people remove their jewelry to go swimming, they often lose it in the sand.

If you’ve grown weary of detecting in the same few spots, try one of these common places to search with your metal detector instead. Who knows—you may find a treasure trove of jewelry after the Renaissance fair is over or common camping times have ended!