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Keene 4-inch 40HP Gravel Pump

Keene 4-inch 40HP Gravel Pump

Keene’s all-new 4-inch 40HP Gravel Pump is cutting edge technology that whallops the market. 

Normal gravel pumps and eddy pumps are heavy, cumbersome, don’t move material fast, and get clogged.  

Keene’s gravel pump is the smallest, lightest, and most compact machine on the market. You could get it in the back of a pickup with ramps. 

This Gravel Pump makes quick work of heavy slurries, sand, gravel, mud, rocks, silt, vegetation, and trash. Mark even states that it could pass a 4-inch sphere!

American made, Keene’s gravel pump is capable of pumping material well over 1000-feet distance, and 30,40, possibly even 50 feet into the air above water level!

While normal pumps can handle only say a 10% slurry, which ends up being a 3-5% slurry after outcharge, Keene’s pump can handle up to a 30% slurry!

One customer inquired why the water wasn’t getting blown out of the tank in the video. That’s because Mark came up with a trick to balance the water turbulence. 

Mark says "We can spin the pump up to 1714 RPMs. So, next week, I hope to do a flow test with my ultrasonic flow meter.
Again, I am so happy with the performance and torque of the 40-hp Vanguard.

For the non-pump guys, this is the pump curve showing the horsepower, water flow, RPM, etc.

By the way, I have never felt 30 inches of vacuum in my life, and it literally pulled the blood into the ends of my finder hanging over the edge of the hose. With this kind of suction, you could lose a limb. So this is why you have a throttle control and typically an underwater communication system."

Mark says: "This is something you do not see everyday. This is a 4" swivel tip with a long intake so you can stand up and dredge up clams. The tip is equipped with a high flow bull nose tip. This suction tip design improves suction and reduces rock jams."

There is a 6-month lead time on these gravel pumps! Please inquire with us for pricing and ordering. No Sales Tax when you order with us!

Phone: 503-936-1443

Or email:

Keene's Gravel Pump Video: 

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