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Nokta is Leaving Minelab and Garrett in the Dust

Nokta is Leaving Minelab and Garrett in the Dust

At the same time Minelab released the Pro-Find 40, Nokta unveiled their AccuPoint pinpointer like a Thors Hammer slap. 

As soon as Minelab released the Pro-Find 40 there was enormous criticism that it didn't have bluetooth capability. Minelab really shot themselves in the foot with that. The only real difference between the Pro-Find 40 and the Pro-Find 35 Minelab claimed was:

  • Increased Depth
  • Adjustable 5-levels of Sensitivity
  • Lost Alarm
  • Price Point $139

Everyone who knows the Pro-Find 35 and 40 knows that they have a ferrous tone for when the pinpointer encounters iron. 

Then came Nokta, boasting a vivid color LCD Screen, Bluetooth Connectivity, and Advanced Discrimination. Price point: $139!

The advanced discrimination allows you to essentially work from 1-tone (all metals), 2-tone (ferrous & non-ferrous), and iron off (iron discriminated out)!

There are 9- levels of sensitivity, it's waterproof (10ft), volume control, backlight control, lost alarm, vibration/audio modes, LED flashlight, replaceable tip, and the cherry on the cake is that it runs 25-hours on a rechargeable Li-Po Battery!

One of the biggest issues I've personally had with pinpointers is how difficult they can be to navigate. Up until now there is nothing on current pinpointers alerting you to what settings you have. 

The AccuPoints vibrant color LCD screen shows you your battery life, sensitivity, and more. No more guessing games!

The Accupoint has extremely easy one-button navigation to change your settings. 

With some of the cheaper Minelab pinpointers we couldn't even tell if it was off or on, and most of them failed right out of the box. The less expensive NoktaPointer is ok, but I also don't recommend it very often.

The XP MI6 works well but sounds like a duck. The Fisher F-Pulse works well. Up until now the Garrett AT Pro-Pointer was the best simply because it was easy to use and robust. 

However Nokta has changed all that with a flick of their innovative wrist. 

CLICK HERE to Buy the Nokta AccuPoint Pinpointer!

Now you can get a huge discount on the Accupointer, and get it for only $79.99 if you Buy a Nokta Simplex Ultra, or Simplex Ultra WHP!

Not only that but if you Buy a Nokta Legend WHP, or a Nokta Legend Pro Pack you get a FREE Accupoint pinpointer with it!


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