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Nokta Legend 1.09 Update Features Explained

Nokta Legend 1.09 Update Features Explained

Nokta Legend 1.09 Update Features

Iron Filter & Stability Feature

~Hit Menu button once

~Go to Recovery Speed

~Push Pinpoint button once 

~You will see “IF” for Iron Filter (8)

~To lower Iron Filter push the down button

~To get to Stability, hit the right button. 

Multi 3 Feature (A Park & Field Feature)

~For wet soil conditions. 

~Reduces impact of aluminum foil & coke. 

Mute Function

~Hold frequency button for 2-seconds, this will mute machine audio. 

Auto-Sensitivity Drop Use when trying to notch out segments when in the custom program. 

~Hold down the Horseshoe button for two seconds (while in custom program).

~This will take you to notch menu and automatically drops the sensitivity to 5 so you don’t get flashing while you’re notching segments. 

~Hit the horseshoe to get back to the home screen. 

Hearing Audio From Both The Control Box & Speaker At The Same Time

~Push the Bluetooth menu, it should be set at 1

~Turn on your headphones. You will likely lose the audio through the Legend control box speakers at this point. 

~Now push the up-arrow and the number 2 should appear. Your audio should now be coming through the headphones and the control box speakers. 

~Press the down arrow to go back to headphones audio only.  

Restore the Nokta Legend Back to Factory Settings

~Push the setting button once. 

~Scroll over to the custom menu (It’s shaped like a person's upper torso). 

~Hold down the pinpoint button until your screen reads “FD”

Nokta Legend New Audio Gain Feature (6-Levels)

~Press the settings button once

~Scroll over to Volume Setting

~Push the pinpoint button

~You should see AG (Audio Gain), audio gain is an audio amplifier. Level 6 will make shallow and deep targets sound the same strength/volume. 

Level 1 will give you more depth modulation so you can cherry pick and distinguish deeper targets. 

~Press the settings button to get out of Audio Gain. 

The Legend Pitch VCO Audio Feature

~Push the settings button

~Scroll over to tones

~Push the up-arrow until you see “P” for Tone Pitch

~Push the settings button to exit

Ferro-Check Bar or Ground Mineralization Bar

~Push the Ground Balance button

~Push the Horseshoe button and you should see “FC” (Ferrocheck)

~Push the Horseshoe button again and you will see “GI” (Ground Indicator). This feature will show the ground mineralization level. 

~Push the Ground Balance button to exit