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The Equinox 800... My new girlfriend

The Equinox 800... My new girlfriend

Is the Equinox 800 a magic wand that will cause coins gold and relics to  jump from the ground with every sweep of the coil?

Sadly, I'm still waiting for some genius to come up with that detector.              Is the Equinox 800 my next long-term girlfriend? Oh yes, my "real" girlfriend already has detector-envy, and has named her for me: "Veronica".

You're probably chomping at the bit to ask: "How does the Equinox 800 compare the CTX 3030, or the AT-Pro, XP Deus, Fisher F75LTD?" etc..

The hard truth I've learned in life is that nothing comes easy, especially not detectors; and if someone says otherwise, they simply got lucky.

The Equinox "can" be easy. That is, if you want to discriminate out gold, and deeper items. There's a sacrifice for peace and quiet.

You now how they say that in a relationship us guys (and gals) are actually supposed to "listen"?

Well, when I realized my new girlfriend "Veronica" wasn't the magic wand I thought she was, I decided to hunker down and listen to her chatter away without any discrimination.

My setup: multi/or/15khz frequency, Iron audio on, all iron bias off, recovery speed 2, 2-tone, and nothing notched out.

Those of you who have been detecting much longer than me know it's about listening. The detector is telling you something real and important about whats in the ground. The fruit comes when you stop doubting it and trying to will it to be something that its not. 

Recognize the patterns you hear, the length and volume of the audio (in pinpoint mode too!). Watch for consistencies in the target ID. Try not to get mad at your girlfriend (or boyfriend) for talking too much. Just shut up, listen, and you might just learn something new like I did.