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Where Can I Metal Detect In Oregon?

Where Can I Metal Detect In Oregon?

Figuring out where to metal detect is tricky. I have been stopped by countless rangers in downtown Portland public parks who ultimately let me go after I show them how clean and diligent I am.

There are always people who have a fear of the unknown, and who will call the police on you. There is no need to be paranoid or to fear these incidents. Just be very polite, show them you are being clean and how much trash you pick up. The worst that will happen is they will just tell you to leave, or that you need a note of permission. 

To be totally honest, most authorities don’t really know the rules, and that’s not their fault. The rules change frequently from county to county, town to town. I will call in, and sometimes the towns/county’s themselves aren’t even sure what their rules are! 

It is EXTREMELY important to call if you are not sure about the rules. Be polite, have a list of permissions you’ve received in the past, and be ready to educate people on how digging a clean plug and cleaning up trash is harmless. 

If you're emailing your permissions etc. feel free to use the image of how to cut a clean plug in this blog's featured image. Even better, take some photos of a real plug and then show them how invisible you can make it when you cover it back up!

Having that confidence behind you will make metal detecting as a whole look that much more honest and legitimate to the public authorities. 

Metal Detecting Oregon State Parks Rules

Metal Detecting Oregon National Forests Rules



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