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Metal Detectors California

Professional Metal Detectors For All Your Detecting Needs

Welcome to Northwest Detector Sales, your trusted partner in the world of metal detecting in California and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned gold prospector or a beginner metal detectorist ready to learn everything there is to know about prospecting methods and treasure hunting, our comprehensive range of metal detectors, including waterproof options from leading brands like Minelab, Nokta, XP Deus, and Garrett, are sure to meet all of your metal detecting needs. Northwest Metal Detectors will help you begin your exploration of the rich history underneath California's beautiful beaches and landscapes.

Dive Deeper with Our Underwater Metal Detectors

Discover California's aquatic wonders with our top-tier underwater metal detectors at Northwest Detector Sales. Plunge into the depths with the Minelab Manticore Metal Detector—an exceptional tool engineered to reveal hidden treasures beneath California's waterways. Crafted for versatility and precision, this model detects submerged metal objects, perfect for beachcombing, diving, or exploring rivers, lakes, and shorelines across the state. Unearth relics, coins, or lost artifacts concealed underwater with confidence and ease. At Northwest Detector Sales, we provide the finest underwater metal detectors, empowering you to harness California's submerged riches.

Why Do Metal Detectorists Consistently Choose Us?

Expertise That Sets Us Apart

At Northwest Detector Sales, we boast over 20 years of unparalleled metal detecting and prospecting expertise. Our dedicated team, led by founder Bob Mote, shares a passion for uncovering hidden treasures. As previous president of the Northwest Mineral Prospecting Club, Bob's unmatched knowledge makes us your go-to source for expert advice, tips, and techniques. Explore California's parks and historic sites confidently, knowing our team is here to help you find the perfect metal detector for your needs.

Top-Quality Metal Detectors for Every Terrain

Discover the Northwest's largest metal detector selection, featuring equipment, accessories, and parts for treasure hunting. Our curated range suits diverse enthusiasts seeking silver coins, gold nuggets, jewelry, or relics. Explore cutting-edge models from Minelab, Nokta, XP Deus, and Garrett, catering to all expertise levels with lightweight options for beginners and advanced waterproof detectors for seasoned professionals.

Exclusive Offers for California's Veterans

Northwest Detector Sales offers exclusive deals on our premium metal detectors to support California's vibrant metal detecting community. Please take advantage of our veteran discount, with a 15% price reduction on Minelab and Garrett metal detectors. It's our way of honoring your service while enabling you to embark on exciting detecting adventures.

Stop Your Search for Metal Detectors Near Me

Uncover California's trove of hidden treasures across its diverse landscapes—an adventure awaiting passionate treasure hunters. Whether meandering along Venice Beach or exploring Sierra Nevada's historic Gold Rush sites, our metal detectors unlock secrets buried in California's history. California's soil conceals mysteries perfect for metal detecting enthusiasts, from gold specks in foothills to coastal artifacts.

Rely on our 20-year expertise and satisfied clientele to enrich your metal detecting adventures. We offer insider guidance, from equipment handling to pinpointing ideal detecting spots. California, a metal detecting hotspot, guarantees captivating discoveries with each detector beep.

Our team is available by phone, appointment, or online, ready to provide personalized guidance, answer your questions, and assist you in choosing the perfect equipment for your metal detecting adventures in California. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

Metal detectors work by transmitting an electromagnetic field into the ground and then analyzing the return signal. When the electromagnetic field encounters a metallic object, the object becomes magnetized and sends an electromagnetic field back to the detector, signaling the presence of metal.

What Types of Metals Can Metal Detectors Find?

Metal detectors can find a variety of metals, including both ferrous (iron, steel) and non-ferrous metals (copper, gold, silver, aluminum). The capability to detect specific metals depends on the detector's technology and settings.

Can Metal Detectors Differentiate Between Different Metals?

Yes, many modern metal detectors can differentiate between different types of metals by analyzing the conductivity and magnetic response of the detected object. This helps users distinguish valuable items from common metal trash.

What Are the Best Places to Use a Metal Detector?

Popular places include beaches, parks, old homesites, woods, and fields. It's important to always obtain permission and check local regulations before metal detecting on private property or protected historical sites.

How Deep Can Metal Detectors Detect Objects?

The depth range varies depending on the detector model, ground conditions, and size of the object. Generally, most detectors can find small objects like coins up to 6-10 inches deep and larger objects deeper.