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1/4" to 1/8" inch Adapter For The Minelab Equinox & Goldmonster Detectors

by doc's
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SKU D-2440

There are many 1/4" to 1/8" inch adapters on the market that claim they are for the Minelab Equinox & Goldmonster. Trust us when we say, they don't work. We tried 8 different sets of headphones on all of the adapters, and they all had issues. The number one issue was that the adapters weren't turning off the external speakers on the detectors. Other adapters were too large to even fit, and the adapters that seemed to work, still didn't give the full sound, so the tones sounded distant. 

This adapter correctly turns off the external speaker and directs the sound to your favorite Detector Pro, Grey Ghost, NuggetBuster, Killer B, or any other Headphones.  These use a very small 1/8th inch male plug that fits into the Equinox.  It has shielded wiring.  The plugs are sealed to the wiring with heavy duty adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to keep the stress on the soldered connections to a minimum, and each adapter comes with a VELCRO® brand tie to secure the 1/4 inch high quality female plug to the shaft, so it’s not flopping around.  The adapter cord is 14 inches end to end.