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5 Inch, 10 HP Diesel Dredge With 3 Stage Sluice 5110DE

by Keene
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SKU 5110DE

Keene makes items as they’re purchased, and the wait time can be a week or more, whether you order from Keene or from us. Ordering from us you get free shipping.

The 5110DE Model 5" inch Dredge has a monster 10HP Yanmar diesel engine and a 3-stage extended sluice box for recovering gold and gemstones. It also comes with an extended flotation and frame providing additional stability and room. 

This 5" inch dredge is perfect for heavy-duty cleanup at your favorite paystreak. The 10HP engine is more reliable, powerful, and fuel-efficient for remote locations. 

This 5" inch dredge is designed for portability and can be easily dismantled into small components for transport. 

The new and improved almost NO CLOG jet system will give you optimal productivity. The dredge also comes with a 263 heavy-duty air compressor that will serve two divers at up to 40-feet. 

The dredge is also equipped with outriggers for better stability in fast deep water. It also comes with a new and advanced pump priming system. 



Engine & Pump: 10 hp Diesel P350.

Compressor: 263.

Suction Depth: 30 Feet.

Sluice Box Dimensions: 20” x 8 Feet long.

Maximum Dredge Capacity: 12 Yards Per Hour. 

Floatation Dimensions: 59” x 12 Feet:

Weight: 450 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 600 lbs.