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6 Inch Portable Gold & Gem Dredge w/Honda Engine & Extended Sluice (6226HE)

by Keene
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SKU 6226he

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The 6226HE is a compact 6 inch, twin engine, heavy duty dredge is state of the art equipment for economy and portability. These dredges can be quickly and easily broken down into small components where two men can transport the dredge manually. They have large carpeted walkways on the decks that can accommodate several divers and provide ease of access around all working parts of the dredge. Powered by two GX390 Honda engines to provide excellent suction power, fuel economy and ease of transportation due to their light weight.

The sluice box sets at the surface of the water to reduce the water lift and increase suction power. The 3-stage sluices are equipped with a winch leveling system for precise tilt and sluice box adjustment. The first section of our 3-stage sluice box is designed to recover fine gold and the second half is dedicated for the ultimate recovery of gold and gemstones. All dredges are equipped with a 263 compressor for an ample air supply for two divers. The suction system is equipped with an oversized power jet and twin eductor systems to reduce the occurrence of rock jams. Mounted on modular flotation modules measuring. Flotation dimensions are approximately 8 feet wide and 18 feet in length.

Engine: Twin Honda GX390

Pump: P350

Compressor: 263

Float Dims: 8' X 12' foot

Suction Depth: 35ft

Sluice Dims: 8' X 26" 

Capacity: 16 yards per/hr

Fuel per/hr: .55

Weight: 1095lbs