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Abrasive Grit Kit w/Micro Alumina - large kit

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For larger tumbling needs this kit contains 5 pounds each of 80, 220and 600 Silicon Carbide grit, plus 1 pound of Micro Alumina polish. This kit will polish 35 to 40 pounds of stone.

Customer Questions
Rotary rock tumbling instructions
STEP 1: (80 GRIT) Fill the tumbler barrel 2/3 to 3/4 full with properly graded and sized stones. If the barrel is not full enough, you won`t get the proper tumbling action in the later steps. Add the necessary amount of coarse grit to...

Does one have the same results polishing rocks with micro alumina polish as with cerium oxide? What’s the difference?
The results may vary depending on the types of rocks you're working with. Both the micro and the cerium produce good polishes, but the cerium does tend to have a little better results.

how much of each grit do you get?
5 lb each of the silicon carbide 80, 220, 600 1lb of Micro Alumina.

Can you please recommend a grit kit for vibrating flat lap. Beginner here just picked up a used one.
This kit would work. However, the 80 is going to wear your pan quickly. Search for 0-0006, this has tin oxide as the polishing compound which will work well for most stones.

Approximately how many tablespoons are there per pound of grit?
Around 32, but this will depend on the grit's density. So this is a plus / minus answer.

Is this kit everything I will need from start to finish for polishing rocks?
Yes, it is