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AT Gold Metal Detector

by Garrett
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  • The Garrett AT Gold is Garrett’s response to the demand for an affordable, versatile gold detector. Waterproof up to 10 feet, with unique discrimination, and a 5” X 8” coil for sniffing out tough targets, the Garrett AT Gold is excellent for gold, relic, and coin detectorists who hunt in highly mineralized soil or iron-infested sites.

    The Garrett AT Gold features a true all-metal mode for continuous audio response and better detection of small, deep, faint-sounding targets.

    Not only does the Garrett AT Gold have manual and automatic ground balance; it also boasts a new “ground balance window” feature, which helps optimize performance in highly mineralized ground.

    Two unique discrimination modes on the Garrett AT Gold help provide the user with more tone ID info and the ability to discriminate trash. Users are able to notch discrimination and recognize iron more easily with 40-point iron discrimination. All modes and features can be accessed one-handed with Garrett's intuitive easy control panel.

    Most gold nuggets will ID in the 60-40 TID range on Garrett AT Gold, however, smaller deeper targets may not give an ID, but when in doubt, they are worth investigating.

    If the AT Gold is acting erratic, you can use the frequency shift feature, lower the sensitivity setting, factory reset, check the cables, or ground balance.

    Garrett AT Gold Tips and Tricks

    Ground Balancing the Garrett AT Gold

    Because ground mineralization is highly variable when hunting in the ground where gold is found, it is important to ground balance the AT Gold as often as possible.

    To check just how mineralized your soil is, after doing a ground balance, begin pumping the coil and adjust the ground balance up and down from the main number by a few points. The faster the ground noise response is, the more mineralized the soil.

    Another tip for checking your ground is to note the ground balance number. The highly ferrous ground will ground balance at 65-99 on the AT Gold. The lighter ground will ground balance at 0-30. In many gold-hunting conditions, ground mineralization varies and changes fast. The adjustable ground balance window allows you to spread the ground balance out over a greater range to account for variable ground mineralization.

    Garrett AT Gold and Hot Rocks

    It is possible to ground balance out hot rocks in lightly mineralized ground. However, if the ground is highly mineralized, you will need to apply a small amount of iron discrimination (10-15). But beware, small gold can be lost if too much discrimination is used.

    Garrett AT Gold in Water

    Because the Garrett AT gold was designed to find very small gold, it is very sensitive to conductivity, so it is not advised to use it in saltwater. Freshwater is excellent and the Garrett AT Gold can go up to 10 feet deep, with the use of the Garrett waterproof aftermarket headphones.

  • True All-Metal, Motion Deepseeking Mode - Provides deepest detection and sensitivity in mineralized soils.

    All-Metal Iron AudioTM - Garrett Exclusive feature that audibly identifies iron while operating in a True All-Metal Mode (also available in the two Discrim Modes).

    Ground Balance Window - Garrett Exclusive feature that allows users to "spread” the ground balance setting to reduce the response to subtle ground variations.

    Pro Mode Audio -The Proportional Audio and Tone Roll feature allows the user to hear subtle changes in the target’s response to better judge its conductivity, size, shape, and depth.

    Ground Balance - Automatic and manually adjustable for improved performance.

    Adjustable Threshold - The user can manually adjust the audio threshold (the constant background sound) to better hear targets.

    Fast Recovery Speed - Allows greater ability to pick out good targets amongst trash.

    Search Modes - All-Metal, Discrim 1, Discrim 2, plus electronic Pinpointing

    More Info: Continuous Coin Depth Indicator to determine target depth. Battery Condition Indicator shows battery life. Graphic Target Analyzer identifies the target’s conductivity.