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CABKING 6V3 Lapidary Cabbing Machine

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A complete 6" diamond grinding/polishing machine by Cabking, has a 1/4 hp, single phase, 110/115 volt, 1800 rpm, 60hz AC motor, a 30 watt, 605 GPH, 110/115 volt pump. With a 6 watt, 12 volt, single bayonet lamp.


A direct drive motor and separate submersible pump to reduce maintenance.

Individual on/off water shut off valves above each wheel, also for right and left hand grinding/polishing pads (no cross-contamination of grit) allows easy of movement from wheel to wheel to disc.

A drainage system to eliminate having a constantly discard pan water.

Heavy-duty base board, aluminum splash hoods with adjustable clear splash shields, plastic pad with drain holes, comes with four side splash guards, and two front hand metal rests. Plastic apron, wrench, clear plastic goggles, complete instructions. One (1) each 6" x 1-1/2" #80 and #220 metal bonded diamond grinding wheels, (4) 6" x 1-1/2" diamond resin bond wheels, (1) each #280, #600, #1200, and #3000, a 6" #360 no hole 1/4-20 right hand threaded diamond flat lap and a 5-1/2" 1/4-20 right hand canvas polishing pad with 2 grams of syringe of 14,000 diamond paste compound. One year warranty. Get your CabKing 6" cabbing machine today! Overall size is 27" long x 13" deep x 12" high.