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Equinox 15 x 12" inch DD Waterproof Smart Coil

by Minelab
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$239.00 - $239.00
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SKU 3011-0335

The Equinox series 15” inch coil is one of our personal favorites. This waterproof coil weighs in at 1.5lbs and has a massive ground coverage. Once you get a hold of the unsurpassed power and depth capability behind this coil you will never want to use your 11” inch stock coil again! 

The Equinox 15” inch coil can tend to pinpoint a little behind the center of the coil, so we have made a whole video just dedicated to making pinpointing with this coil a breeze. In fact, our method can be faster than using the regular pinpoint! 

Click this Link for the Equinox pinpointing tips video.

Remember, you are covering a ton of ground with this coil, so there is no need for speed. Go low and slow and you will be rewarded with the goodies that other detectorists missed! 

Don’t worry about the coil touching the ground, the 15” inch coil comes with a built in skid plate.