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Equinox 800 Coin & Gold Detector

by Minelab
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  • Affordable and easy to learn, the Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 are the best-priced metal detectors for the amount of power and depth they deliver.  Whether you’re looking for the best metal detector for gold, coins, relics, or beach hunting, the Minelab Equinox detectors offer easy settings for you to enjoy all hunting conditions! 

    Enjoy pre-set detecting modes for gold, beach, relic, or coin hunting without all of the confusing bells and whistles. The Equinox series offers an easy navigation menu so that you can change your settings with the push of a button on the go.  

    The Equinox series is one of the fastest and most lightweight detectors out there so that you can detect for hours without the body ache.

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  • Equinox 800 Speed and Precision

    The first thing that will stand out from any other detector you’ve used is the Equinox 800 recovery speed. You’ll find new targets in hunted-out locations and iron-infested sites because the Equinox 800 excels in target separation. 

    Equinox 800 coils come in 11” inch (comes with detector), 15” inch, and 6” inch double-D smart coils. 

    Equinox 800 vs. ? 

    When users ask how do these detectors stand up against each other: Equinox 800 vs. CTX 3030, Equinox 800 vs. Etrac, Equinox 800 vs. Garret AT Max, or the Equinox 800 vs. XP Deus. There are so many factors to consider there and these are all incredible detectors. However the experts have highlighted the Equinox 800 recovery speed, depth, and ground processing as an advantage in hunting in highly mineralized soil or iron-infested sites. 

    What is the exact Equinox 800 depth? You’ll have to do a Equinox 800 depth test in your own hunting/soil conditions to find out. However users have reported retrieving silver dimes at 11” inches. 

    All you need to do is search Equinox 800 youtube videos for demonstrations of the Equinox 800’s incredible depth and recovery capacity. 

    Equinox 800 Deep Settings 

    Users often want the perfect formula for the best Equinox 800 settings. The simple answer is, each Equinox 800 program will have it’s own variations in frequency and discrimination. If you use the Equinox 800 and notch out target VDI numbers, you are risking missing a target. If you set your Equinox 800 iron bias too high, you risk masking targets next to iron. If your recovery speed is set too high, you risk not getting enough depth. 

    On the other hand, if you run your Equinox 800 sensitivity too high, (some call this running the machine hot), you will just be overloaded with information sounding from the ground and you risk running right past a good target. 

    Equinox 800 Tips

    The bottom line is to find a balance of what works for you and what you can handle in your soil and hunting conditions. Equinox 800 iron audio can be used as a quick-checking button, but you don’t need to have it on all the time or it might drive you nuts. 

    Speaking of driving you nuts, if you’re frustrated with Equinox 800 EMI interference, just turn the sensitivity down a couple notches and try hunting in 10 or 15kHz frequency. And keep your cell phone off or in airplane mode!

    Experiment with the Equinox 800 for the best frequency. Some users seem to be very attached to multi-frequency, however other users report even better results with using a single frequency for specific hunting conditions. The brilliant thing about the Equinox 800 is that you can experiment and change frequencies with just a push of your thumb, it’s insanely easy, and you will learn very fast which frequency works best for you on the ground you're hunting at the time. 

    When hunting iron infested ground, go slow, and use the surgical precision of the Equinox 800 to sniff out those small targets between the nails. You will still get great target separation with a recovery speed of 2 or 3, any more and deep targets start to sound very short and small and you might miss them. 

    If you're getting frustrated with what you think is the Equinox 800 iron falsing, don’t get discouraged, the detector is just giving you information. Turn the sensitivity down a couple notches, what happens? Try changing to another frequency and see what happens. Try making your swing as surgical as possible on the target, if you lose it a lot one way and the numbers don’t show any consistency and the tone keeps breaking to iron a lot, or you lose it when you turn 90-degrees, it's almost 99% always iron. 

    Listen to the Equinox 800 tones, the sound feedback is incredible. You learn that round objects free from iron sound very different. You will learn to distinguish what a tiny object sounds like on the surface vs. a deep object sound. There is a double tone that occurs on surface objects, a scattered tone on foil, and some jewelry has a scattered tone as well. 

    You will hear that iron has a distinct pang that lingers and draws out for more time than a normal object. Pinpointing iron, the Equinox 800 will show you it’s either very large or impossible to pinpoint. 

    Using the Equinox 800 bottle caps might be frustrating at first. But those bottle caps won’t fool you any longer and you’ll soon learn they report as iron if you change your frequency, turn 90 degrees, turn iron audio on, and watch for insane erratic numbers.

    Lastly, users have reported Equinox 800 ground balance to be more effective when done in a manual ground balance or semi-auto ground balance as opposed to using the auto-tracking feature.

  • Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 Features & Settings
    Backlight Enjoy an adjustable back-light for detecting in lighter or darker conditions.
    Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.
    12-Hour Battery Life.
    11” DD Smart Coil.
    Waterproof Up to 10’ feet.
    Noise Cancel Get rid of those pesky frequencies that drive your detector nuts!.
    Ground Balance For adjusting your detector to ground mineralization. Includes Auto or manual ground balance and auto-ground tracking.
    Volume Adjust how loud you want to hear the sounds from the ground.
    Threshold level Allows you to hear faint more refined nuances in the sound, mostly used for metal detecting gold or small fine jewelry.
    Target Tone You can choose to detect in 1, 2, 5, or 50 tones.
    Frequencies Choose from Multi, 5, 10, 15, and 20 & 40kHz on the Equinox 800 model. (4kHz Frequency now available with the 3.0 software update!)
    Accept/Reject A way to discriminate out pesky pull tabs, bottle caps, and trash.
    Recovery Speed Adjust how fast your detector can process a target under the coil, the Equinox is insanely fast if you want it to be. Especially important for trashy sites.
    Iron audio/all-metal mode Lets you hear the iron in the ground when you're detecting.
    User Profile Allows you to save your settings and toggle between other modes.

    Advanced Settings (Note: Equinox 600 may not have some of these)
    Tone Break You decide what target ID numbers you want your tones to start or stop at, starting in the iron range, and going all the way up to your silver range.
    Tone Pitch Finally! An easy way to set up how high or low you want your targets to sound!.
    Iron Bias Helps to discriminate out annoying iron.
    Tone Volume Adjust the volume of each tone, for instance, if you wanted to hear your iron at a lower volume, but all of your non-ferrous targets at higher volumes.
    Threshold Pitch Adjust how your threshold sounds, choose from a low to a high pitch.

    Minelab Equinox 600 vs. 800

    The difference between the Minelab Equinox 800 and the 600 amounts to just a few added features, like gold mode for instance. Otherwise there is no difference in performance, depth, power, or sensitivity between the two detectors. 

    The Equinox 800 Features

    6 Frequency options 5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 40khz, Multi. 

    4 Detect modes Park, Field, Beach, Gold. 

    Bluetooth Headphones with Wireless Module Supplied. 

    Threshold Pitch Adjust the tone of your threshold, in other words, how high or low you want it to sound.

    Tone Pitch Allows you to adjust both ferrous and non-ferrous tone sounds. 

    Tone Volume Adjust both ferrous and non-ferrous volume of your tones, depending on how many tones you’re hunting in (1, 2, 5, 50). 

    Tone Break Allows you to adjust both ferrous and non-ferrous tone breaks (where the tone changes from one to another). 

    User Profile Button Allows you to save your settings so they can be retrieved even if you go to another mode or turn the detector off and back on. 

    Noise Cancel Auto and manual (-9--9).

    Backlight Low, Medium, High, Off. 

    The Equinox 600 Features

    4 Frequency options 5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, Multi. (No 20kHz, or 40kHz options).

    3 Detect Modes Park, Field, Beach. (No gold hunting mode).

    Bluetooth Headphones No wireless module supplied, wire connect only. 

    Threshold Pitch Fixed tone. 

    Tone Pitch Ferrous setting only. 

    Tone Volume Ferrous setting only. 

    Tone Break Ferrous setting only. 

    No User Profile Button

    Noise Cancel Auto.

    Backlight Low, High, Off.

    For more information the Minelab Equinox 800 manual, and the Minelab Equinox 600 manual can be found online HERE.

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