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Equinox 800 Coin & Gold Detector

by Minelab
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  • Affordable and easy to learn, the Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 are the best-priced metal detectors for the amount of power and depth they deliver.  Whether you’re looking for the best metal detector for gold, coins, relics, or beach hunting, the Minelab Equinox detectors offer easy settings for you to enjoy all hunting conditions! 

     Enjoy pre-set detecting modes for gold, beach, relic, or coin hunting without all of the confusing bells and whistles. The Equinox series offers an easy navigation menu so that you can change your settings with the push of a button on the go.  

    The Equinox series is one of the fastest and most lightweight detectors out there so that you can detect for hours without the body ache

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  • The most obvious difference is what comes in the box. The EQUINOX 800 comes with Bluetooth headphones and the WM 08 wireless module, instead of the wired headphones included with the EQUINOX 600; but these options can be added to the EQUINOX 600 if you so desire. In fact, most popular aftermarket Bluetooth headphones will work with both

    EQUINOX detectors. Once you ‘get past’ the different audio accessories, the EQUINOX 600 can generally be considered as an EQUINOX 800 with a simplified feature set. The EQUINOX 600 has in no way been ‘watered down’ or de-sensitized. An EQUINOX 600 and EQUINOX 800, set up identically, will have identical performance to each other, under the same conditions.

    The EQUINOX 600 is limited to 5 kHz, 10 kHz, and 15 kHz single frequencies, while the EQUINOX 800 also offers these plus the additional higher frequencies of 20 kHz and 40 kHz. This does not mean that the 600 is not employing the full multi-frequency range as part of the Multi-IQ processing. Multi-frequency operation is identical in the two models and provides the same maximum signal response to targets in Park, Field and Beach Detect Modes., The real magic of EQUINOX is in the Multi-IQ technology (not the single frequencies), therefore you can rest assured the EQUINOX 600 matches the EQUINOX 800 in this regard.

    The EQUINOX 800 does have one key mode that is lacking on the EQUINOX 600; the Gold Mode. This mode is designed to enhance performance on small gold nuggets in mineralized ground. It does so primarily by using different audio processing so that targets respond both in volume and pitch. The Gold Mode will be of interest to gold prospectors but has less application for other uses. More to the point, Multi-IQ is so good in both Park 2 and Field 2, that these profiles are as good, or better, at finding gold nuggets, than many dedicated single-frequency gold detectors! These modes are identical on the two EQUINOX models and, as a gold prospector; I would have no problem finding gold nuggets with the EQUINOX 600. People who regularly detect for gold nuggets will likely want the EQUINOX 800. If, however, looking for gold nuggets is more like a once a year thing, the EQUINOX 600 will serve as well, or better, than other multi-purpose detectors on the market.

  • Minelab Equinox 600 and 800 Features & Settings
    Backlight Enjoy an adjustable back-light for detecting in lighter or darker conditions.
    Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.
    12-Hour Battery Life.
    11” DD Smart Coil.
    Waterproof Up to 10’ feet.
    Noise Cancel Get rid of those pesky frequencies that drive your detector nuts!.
    Ground Balance For adjusting your detector to ground mineralization. Includes Auto or manual ground balance and auto-ground tracking.
    Volume Adjust how loud you want to hear the sounds from the ground.
    Threshold level Allows you to hear faint more refined nuances in the sound, mostly used for metal detecting gold or small fine jewelry.
    Target Tone You can choose to detect in 1, 2, 5, or 50 tones.
    Frequencies Choose from Multi, 5, 10, 15, and 20 & 40kHz on the Equinox 800 model.
    Accept/Reject A way to discriminate out pesky pull tabs, bottle caps, and trash.
    Recovery Speed Adjust how fast your detector can process a target under the coil, the Equinox is insanely fast if you want it to be. Especially important for trashy sites.
    Iron audio/all-metal mode Lets you hear the iron in the ground when you're detecting.
    User Profile Allows you to save your settings and toggle between other modes.

    Advanced Settings (Note: Equinox 600 may not have some of these)
    Tone Break You decide what target ID numbers you want your tones to start or stop at, starting in the iron range, and going all the way up to your silver range.
    Tone Pitch Finally! An easy way to set up how high or low you want your targets to sound!.
    Iron Bias Helps to discriminate out annoying iron.
    Tone Volume Adjust the volume of each tone, for instance, if you wanted to hear your iron at a lower volume, but all of your non-ferrous targets at higher volumes.
    Threshold Pitch Adjust how your threshold sounds, choose from a low to a high pitch.

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