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Excalibur Shovels Hand Digging Tool

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Excalibur Shovels are above and beyond the best metal detecting shovels and hand diggers out there. Casey, the owner, does most of the work BY HAND! They are the lightest shovels on the market, and made of extremely high quality lightweight aircraft steel. 

These rugged hand diggers are coated in non-slip textured rubber for the best grip!

Hand Digger Dimensions

Overall Length: 12" inches

Blade Length: 7.5" inches

Handle: Easy grip, non-slip

Comes as:

  • All One Color,
  • Handle Color and Blade Black

Weight: 14oz


Excalibur Shovels come with a 2-Year Warranty valid in the continental U.S. Buyer only pays for the return shipping. 

 Quality, Strength & Durability Excalibur Shovels are handcrafted in the U.S.A., by master fabricator Casey Dittman. Casey has a background in mechanical engineering. “I’ve been welding and metal fabricating for over 16 years.” He learned the importance of quality control and to use of the finest materials while fabricating exhaust systems for NASCAR and street vehicles. His work has been used at the highest levels of racing by Richard Childress Racing, Jack Roush, and many others. It has been featured in Popular Hot Rodding Magazine.

Casey is a 4-time President of the National Utah Token Society, Utah’s Metal Detecting Club. With help from many club members, he has invested thousands of hours designing and engineering Excalibur Shovels. He has a YouTube channel “The Key Date Kid” where he takes you along on his wild west metal detecting and treasure-hunting adventures.

“Thank you so very much for supporting my growing company. All Excalibur Shovels come with a 5-year warranty. These shovels are a passion of mine and I truly appreciate everyone who spreads the superb work from Excalibur Shovels,” Happy Digging,

The Key Date Kid