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Minelab GOLD MONSTER 1000 Gold Detector with free Pro-Find 40

by Minelab
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SKU 3317-0005
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  •  The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is the simplest easiest gold detector to use on the market with a 24-bit microprocessor which no other VLF metal detector has. Its unique configuration allows you to piece together how you want your Gold Monster 1000 setup to look like. WIth Accessories like various sized and specialized coils, adjustable shafts, headphone options, an 8 AA battery pack and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.                                                                    

    Weighing in at 2.9lbs, the Gold monster 1000 runs at a unique extra-sensitive 45kHz frequency, offers automatic and manual sensitivity setting, discrimination and all-metal mode, and auto ground tracking. The Gold Monster 1000 has a waterproof coil (up to 3 feet), and the control box is rainproof (water-resistant).                                                                                        Includes                                                                                                                        5" inch Search Coil.                                                                                                    Universal Shaft Adapter                                                                                              Two Litium-Ion Batteries                                                                                            Digging Trowel 

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  • Gold Monster 1000 Features

    The Minelab Gold Monster is the easiest turn-on-and-go detector out there, it’s almost unfair how simple it is. There are two modes to choose from on the Gold Monster: 

    Gold Mode This is a discrimination mode that will reject iron. 

    Deep All-Metal Mode This mode detects deeper gold but also detects iron trash. 

    Other features of the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 include: 

    Gold Chance Indicator This feature shows you how likely the target is to be gold. 

    Sensitivity Manually increases sensitivity to maximize depth or decrease to minimize noise. 

    Noise Cancel Eliminate any EMI interference. 

    Ground Tracking Experts say that nine times out of ten excessive ground chatter on the Gold Monster 1000 is due to a misinformed user error. To fix ground chatter or noise issues with the Gold Monster 1000 it is recommended to take an ‘average’ of the ground around the specific area you're detecting. To take an average of the ground you detecting gently pump the coil up and down a few inches while moving the coil around over the ground--NOT IN ONE PLACE. If you move to a different level or type of ground, such as moving from a wash to a bank, be sure to ground balance over the new area before continuing to detect. 

    Be patient as you pump the coil over a selection of ground, the Gold Monster 1000 will take a few seconds to quiet down, then you can continue detecting. 

    The Gold Monster 1000 is always ground tracking, so if you hold the coil still for too long, you will need to do another coil pump around you to re-balance the machine.                                     

    Gold Monster 1000 Tips & Tricks

    You want to balance your ground balance with your sensitivity level setting. Meaning, if you're pumping your coil-over an area of ground around you to ground balance and the Gold Monster 1000 just won’t quiet down, it means you’re running your sensitivity too high (too hot). To fix this issue, lower the sensitivity a little while ground balancing around you until the Gold Monster 1000 quiets down. 

    Even if your target bounces a little over to the iron indicator, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not gold; it could be just a small piece of gold or a deep target. It is normal to dig a lot of trash, everyone must go through this with any detector when looking for gold, it’s all part of the hunt.


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