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Shop Now! Pay in 4 interest-free installements with Klarna

Goldmaster 24k

by Garrett
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Garrett Clearsound - Easy Stow Headphones with volume control

Volume control to enhance weak signals. Comfortable headband and ear cushions.

 XGB Ground Balance System.

 Auto tracking system allows the GM24k to be used in a wide variety of ground conditions with more stable operation and less ground noise.

 Two Auto Mode - Choose from 2-tone “Beep” Mode to help distinguish target types or the Standard VCO “Zip” Mode, where audio pitch and volume rise as signal strength increases.

 Variable Self Adjusting Threshold - Allows users to adjust the threshold recovery speed to help reduce the effects of changing ground.

Iron and Hot Rock Elimination.

 Rainproof Detector with a waterproof search coil.

Turn On and Begin Searching.

Ground Sync to quickly update ground setting.

Traclock to lock current ground balance setting.

 Adjustable Iron Cancel feature for hot rocks, iron trash.

 Backlight to view setting at night or low light.

 Volume Control - Fully adjustable, plus Boost Options.

 Threshold Adjustment - Adjustable to the level that fits your style of hunting.

 Frequency Shift - Use to reduce electro-magnetic interference.

 Sensitivity Control - Levels adjustable from 0 to 10.