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Minelab GPX 6000 Gold Detector

by Minelab
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SKU 3300-0500
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  •                                                        The GPX 6000 comes with the title "Easy Expert". Meaning, the GPX 6000 is one of the most advanced expert gold detectors ever created, and it's also one of the easiest and simplest detectors you'll ever handle. Start detecting right out of the box with the GPX 6000 with one of the easiest user interfaces ever created and intelligent automatic settings for sensitivity and ground types.

    What is "Geosense PI"? That's just a fancy name for the technology behind the GPX 6000 that allows it to precisely analyze gold signals and eliminate ground signals. You don't have to worry about changing settings for large and small gold, the GPX 6000 is programmed to find it all. The GPX 6000 oozes comfort, sporting a U-FLEX armrest, a backlight, and Minelab's ML-100 wireless Bluetooth headphones. With "Loud and Clear Audio" the GPX 6000 boasts a powerful external speaker and wireless headphones options.

    The GPX 6000 is compact and collapsable. Extended it measures 57" inches and collapsed only 30" inches. Weighing in at only 4.6 pounds the GPX 6000 is the lightest advanced gold detector on the market. The GPX 6000 also comes with a 3-year Minelab Global Warranty. Coil options for the GPX 6000 include an 11" inch and a 17" inch Monoloop coils, and a 14" inch DD coil which is better suited for difficult ground conditions. The intelligent auto operation of the GPX 6000 performs a noise cancel and ground balance upon first turning the detector on. Further noise cancels and ground balancing can be done if interference is met later on.

     Sensitivity options include Auto and Auto+. Auto sensitivity has smoother audio, while Auto+ will give you slightly higher sensitivity allowing weaker signals to be heard. Auto+ should only be used in environments with less EMI and ground noise. Advanced Ground Balance features include Normal and Difficult. Normal ground balance is used for mild ground conditions, while difficult is used for highly conductive mineralized ground. Finally, the GPX 6000 has a manual sensitivity option that allows you to adjust between 10-levels of sensitivity. It may seem simple, but that's the beauty of Minelab's engineering, complicated isn't always better. That's why the GPX 6000 is one of the simplest most advanced and powerful gold detectors ever created.