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Keene Electric Powered Rock Crusher

by Keene
Original price $12,950.00 - Original price $12,950.00
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$12,950.00 - $12,950.00
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Keene makes items as they’re purchased, and the wait time can be two weeks or more, whether you order from Keene or from us. Ordering from us you get free shipping.

This model has the same features as the RC46 model, but this one is base mounted and powered with a heavy duty 7.5 HP, 3-phase electric motor. 

This rock crusher pulverizes 4" X 6" Rock into an ultra fine powder. With over 20-years of manufacturing, this rock crusher has proven itself a feat of power, endurance, and reliability.  

First rock is crushed into 1/8" inch pieces through the jaw crusher. Then the material is sent through the roller mill which obliterates it down to a fine powder. Material is then fed through the roller scraper which turns it to an even finer dust. 

 All replaceable and wear parts are designed with the operator in mind for easy adjustment and replacement in the field. Designed for production with the highest quality material and components available. Built as compact as possible for ease of handling and maneuverability.