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**NEW** Nugget Shooter's Field Guide

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When done correctly, detecting for gold nuggets, yields more gold for the effort you put into searching for the precious yellow metal.
It will increase your chances of finding new locations with gold deposits more often than any other method of mining.
This book will give the seasoned nugget hunter even more knowledge and skills to find more gold, and it will give a less experienced nugget hunter an advantage over someone who doesn't learn these skills and strategies. This book is essential for the nugget hunter worldwide. Go ahead purchase my book you will be glad you did. - Reese Townes


  • Detecting tips & strategies
  • Geology in relation to gold
  • Mass Wasting & Gold Deposits
  • Detectors, coils & gear
  • Detecting and base camp safety (With Stories of True Events)
  • Sampling, Hydro-Shocking & Cleaning Quartz/Gold Specimens

The Nugget Shooter’s Field Guide includes 170 color photos with color-coded markers to help you identify key factors as well as techniques to help you find more nuggets more consistently.