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Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine. * 24" Wheel *

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We all get it, the fear of missing out (FOMO). You don’t want to think about how much gold you might be missing for all the hard work you’re putting in. You can ease your mind because the Pro-Camel is designed to get every last flake. 

Automatic spiral gold panning machines like the Pro-Camel save you from all those hundreds of pans you labor over. The Pro-Camel will process more material in less time. Most importantly, you will recover 50-times more gold with the Pro-Camel than you would panning by hand!

The Pro-Camel gold panning machine is compact and portable and operates on a 12-volt battery, and only needs three-gallons of water to operate with. 

Using a newly designed two-stage spiral wheel, the Pro-Camel machine can process 400-pounds of sand an hour using the 24”-inch wheel. 

The Pro-Camel gold machine will process anything from flake to fine gold with its advanced technology and simple design. You won’t miss a spec!

Comes in 18” or 24”-inch sizes.