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With over 250 million produced every year, the five-gallon bucket is considered the most widely used single item in the world. It has been a standard household item since its introduction, and without a doubt, it has more uses than any other product on the market. They are used in just about every trade and often dedicated to a specific task for several years. So, why not have a handle that will make that widely used product more user-friendly?


The handles that come on most buckets are designed either too small or too large. Further, those handles are designed to slip on and off of the old handle (Yes, the old handle has to be on the wire bail). This typically results in the handles being lost or stolen. They last a few weeks when exposed to sunlight, but the bucket will last several years with the same exposure. The handles crack and even break off leaving only a wire to use in your hand to carry the bucket. Have you ever tried to lift a full bucket with the wire? Ouch! SNaPPY GRiP™ is durable and will make your buckets last much longer.

SNaPPY GRiP™ will fit most hands comfortably, so you won’t have numb fingers or the ache of arthritis. Whether you’re a handyman, painter, plumber, fisherman, gardener, camper, or homeowner, this product is a must!