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SP31K High Volume Pressure Kit

by Keene
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Keene makes items as they go. Wait time can be up to a week or more. Shipping/wait time is the same whether you order from Keene or from us. Order from us and you get free shipping and no sales tax!

This kit contains all you need to create high pressure and high volume water straight from the pump for blasting out cracks, crevices and loosening debris. Simply attach using a one inch hose or any garden hose attachment and you will be amazed at how much this will increase your prodctivity! Up to three times the performance of the garden hose port on the side of your pump. You wil not believe the difference in how much more material you can move and how much more gold you will find! The Kit includes 30 feet of pressure hose, a one inch coupler, high flow ball valve, Blaster Nozzle and one SP31 High Volume Pressure Outlet.

Size: 3X1" inches
Net Weight 18 pounds.