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Ugly Box Electrolysis Unit NEW & IMPROVED!

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  • The Ugly Box New and Improved is the best coin and relic cleaner & stabilizer you’ll ever need! 

    Increase the value of your finds by cleaning them the professional way. 

    The new and improved Ugly Box coin cleaner now runs on a single power source and the battery lasts longer! 

    The Ugly Box is perfect for those involved in metal detecting, archeology, restoration, historical artifacts, or museum collections. 

    This product had research, development, and testing done in collaboration with a University. 


    New & improved Ugly Box

    Pigtail connector for 9V battery

    Ugly Box unit brine powder (mix approx.1 tsp per cup of water)

    Carbon catalyst rod

    Copperhead electrolysis power input cable

    THUNDER accessory

    THRASHER accessory (with extra steel wool in the handle)


    Tank (small Tupperware or similar, not metal)

    Water, enough to cover coin/object