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XP Deus II Remote Control with Back-lit LCD Display

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The XP Deus 2 Remote Control (aka control module) is the beating heart of the detector. Choose from 12 unstoppable Factory programs, including a gold mode and deep high conductor mode for those deep silvers! You can also create your own 12 custom programs as off-sets of the factory programs. 

You can clip the Remote control to your detector, pocket, or anywhere that it can clip to or fit! You can even buy an armband that holds the remote control! (Sold separately). Clipping and unclipping your remote control takes seconds.

The remote control communicates wirelessly with the WS6 headphones, however, you can also control the detector from your WS6 Headphones (sold separately). 


Waterproof up to 20 Meters (66 feet).


MI-6 Pinpointer Compatible. 

Battery Life up to 25 hours. 

Designed to last up to 5-year warranty. 

Cap Setup

The gray plug is mostly used for land, or being submerged 1m (3 feet) underwater. 

The red plug is for underwater use only, and can be submerged up to 20m (66 feet) underwater. Replace the red plug with gray when you go back to land detecting.