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XP Deus ll Metal Detector with 11" inch stock Coil

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The XP Deus 2 is the next generation of highly advanced metal detectors to hit the market. WE'VE DEPTH TESTED THE XP DEUS 2 AGAINST OTHER DETECTORS OURSELVES HERE!

Now sporting both Multi-Frequency and Single Frequency options, the XP Deus 2 is geared for all-terrain conditions from land to sea. 

With new iron discrimination features, tone options, pitch options, and recovery speed, the XP Deus is the King of the DIRT! 

The XP Deus 2 is Waterproof up to 20 Meters/66 feet! The WS6 unit on the headphones is rainproof. The remote control is shockproof. 

The XP Deus 2 communicates wirelessly with the coil in real-time with zero latency or delay. You can use the remote control, or headphones to change your settings and check your TID numbers. 

The wireless coil makes collapsing your XP Deus 2 insanely easy, and it breaks down to easily fit into a backpack or carry bag.

No detector can compete with the speed of the XP Deus 2, which makes it unstoppable in iron-laden detecting sites. 

The Deus 2 even communicates with the MI6 XP Deus Pinpointer wirelessly sending the sound directly into your headphones. (Pinpointer not included)

Tweak your audio response and tone pitch to bring those deep small targets out louder than ever. You will be grabbing all the iffy signals other detectorists missed.

Other accessories like extra large comfy headphones, and coil sizes are available as well! 


Choose from FMF Multi-frequency or 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45kHz.

Choose from 12 factory programs and 12 customizable user programs. 

Ultra-wide 99-points of discrimination. 

PWM, Square, and more audio features coming soon!

Ground tracking or normal ground grab ground balance. 

Motion & non-motion modes, ie. Pinpointing. 

EMI canceling. 

Ultra lightweight! Starts at 1.6 pounds (depending on coil). 

Battery Life: Remote control lasts up to 25 hours. Headphones up to 17hrs. Coil up to 20hrs. Quickly charge all three units in 3-hours!

5-year warranty. 

For more detailed information about the XP Deus 2 see our introductory Blog article: 


The XP Deus User Manual