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XP DEUS With FX-02 Wired Backphone Heaphones + Remote + 11" Coil

by XP Deus
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  • The XP Deus metal detector is one of the deepest, most powerful and lightweight machines on the market. The popularity of the XP Deus is unquestionable, especially with the new X35 coils. If you’re a beginner, there are tons of factory programs to choose from, or endless ways to customize the Deus if you want to advance.

    The XP Deus was one of the first detectors to allow for selectable frequencies. The XP Deus frequencies include 4kHz, 8kHz, 12kHz, and18kHz. Accessories include wireless headphones, a fully telescopic shaft, a removable control box (remote control), and what coil you want depends on the package you choose to purchase. Other XP Deus accessories like emergency chargers, waterproof gear, and coils are sold separately on our site. Check our site for XP Deus packages!
  • Configuration details:

    XP DEUS Detector with FX-02 Backphone Wired Headphones + 11" Coil + Remote. This model ships with software version 3.2. The complete XP DEUS metal detector is covered by five-year parts and labor warranty.

    XP DEUS Factory Programs

    Basic 1 Mode This mode is for general use and operates at 12kHz. GM Power Mode This mode is similar to the XP Gold Maxx Power detector. It is both deep and fast. Deus Fast This mode works great in iron infested, trashy, or highly mineralized soil.

    Pitch Mode This mode gives you more audio feedback by varying the pitch according to the strength of the target signal.

    G-Maxx This mode is excellent for higher conductors like silver. Sweep the Deus at a medium speed in the mode for the best results.

    Relic Use this mode in less trashy sites and maintain a slow sweep speed. This mode is good for finding larger, deeper targets.

    Wet Beach Use this mode for wet beaches and adjust the ground balance manually.

    Dry Beach Use this mode in dry sand. Basic 2 This is another turn-on-and-go mode. Basic 2 is excellent for avoiding bottle caps and false signals.

    Gold Field This mode operates the XP Deus on a true all metal mode to better deal with highly mineralized soil. While detecting in Gold Field mode, manual adjustments are necessary to reject the specific mineralization of the ground that you're detecting. In this mode, more advanced settings replace the normal settings, such as IAR discrimination, which helps reject iron.

    XP Deus Settings

    Iron Volume Control the volume of your iron tone.

    Reactivity Adjust the recovery speed of how fast the detector can process and separate signals. Trashy ground will require higher Reactivity settings, while cleaner sites will benefit from a lower Reactivity setting.

    Audio Response This setting allows you to amplify the sound of faint, deep signals, so you don't miss them.

    Notch Discrimination feature allows you to eliminate target ID's you do not want to hear.

    Ground Balance Options to manual ground balance the XP Deus, pump the coil, use auto-tracking, or beach.

    XP Deus X35 Coils The XP Deus X35 coils come in sizes 9"-inches, 11"-inches, or 13"-inches.

    The X35 coils allow you to choose anywhere from 3.7kHz through 27.7kHz on the XP Deus, with 35 frequency options total. The X35 coils also feature a boost mode for frequencies 3.7--4.4kHz, increasing the depth exponentially on higher conductors. The X35 XP Deus coils also feature improved battery life and greater stability. The X35 coils include 5-year parts and labor warranty.

    XP Deus Battery Lite Wireless headphones - 27 hours. Remote Control (portable control box) - 27 hours. Stock Coil - 15 hours (will vary depending on what frequency you are operating at, lower frequencies will result in faster battery use). X35 Coil, the battery life has improved by 10-40%, depending on what frequency is used.

  • What is the XP Deus Lite? The XP Deus Lite (vs. the Deus Full) is simply the XP Deus without the control box (remote control), and instead, the control module is built into either the Deus WS4 or Deus WS5 headphones. The difference is that you have limited menu options with the wireless headphone module, and you must rely completely on the audio to give you information about what's under your coil. The XP Deus lite still allows you to select from all of the different operating modes, and to adjust discrimination, sensitivity, volume, frequency, and ground balance. However, you cannot access the expert menus which allow you to adjust advanced settings. The XP Deus Lite headphones cannot be updated without a control module. So you must either go to a dealer or borrow a module to update them.

    X35 Coil vs. XP Deus HF Coil (High-Frequency Coil) The X35 vs. the XP Deus HF coil reviews are very close, some of the top reviewers say they are almost neck and neck. The X35 has more versatility because it has a broader range of frequencies. So the X35 coil may be better for you if you're an all-around detectorist and go to the beach, park, and relic sites. Whereas the XP Deus HF coil is by its name a "high frequency" coil and is intended to unmask and dig targets that are more suited to relic hunters and gold prospectors. That said, YouTube videos show the XP Deus HF coil hitting 10-inch silver dimes with absolutely no problem whatsoever. The HF coil will, however, pick up more trash because it's programmed to pick up the tiny lower conductors (aluminum, foil, etc.). Users have suggested putting a lot of time into learning tone nuances, which is where the XP Deus shines. Overall, any detectorist that wants to truly learn their machine has to put the hours in. As Bob says, "a detector sitting in the closet makes no finds."

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