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Why a Dry Washer Should Be in Your Mining Setup

Why a Dry Washer Should Be in Your Mining Setup

If you’re interested in harvesting precious gold from the natural world, there are a few different tools that can increase your productivity, depending on the environment. For example, if you plan to look for nuggets in a river or stream, a dredge can be useful for gathering wet material.

But if you’re in a dry environment like the desert, a dry washer should be in your mining setup. Why? Learn more about how they work and how they can benefit your mining operation.

What Is a Dry Washer?

A dry washer is sort of what it sounds like: a piece of equipment that cleans gold pieces without the use of water. Think of it like a waterless sluice box or highbanker; mining enthusiasts who do a lot of work in the desert often use them.

The top portion of a dry washer is called the hopper, where the operator pours in dry material that bears gold bits. The hopper is covered with an angled screen called a grizzly, which filters out larger pieces of material like rocks and sticks. Finer material is sifted through the grizzly, into the hopper, and into the riffle tray below; there, a powerful fan vibrates the box until gold particles fall to the bottom.

How a Dry Washer Can Benefit You

Curious about how using a dry washer can improve the productivity of your mining operation? Mining enthusiasts report the following benefits of adding a dry washer:

Affordable and Effective

As mining equipment goes, dry washers for gold are remarkably affordable for how much hard work they do. If you’re just getting started in gold mining, make a mini gold dry washer one of your first purchases. You’ll get years of use out of it without spending a fortune on maintenance and accessories.

Easy To Use

Because dry washers do not require a water pump or source, they’re easy to transport to your destination and set up for a day of use. They also work with a high degree of independence, so you don’t need to monitor them constantly. Dry washers are fairly straightforward for even solo miners to operate.

Simple Setup

Dry washers are remarkably lightweight in comparison to other pieces of mining equipment. If you like to go on solo mining excursions, you can easily set one up and operate it on your own with minimal fuss.

In Conclusion

A dry washer is one of the most effective mining tools on the market for enthusiasts who like to mine in arid desert environments. Dry washers are energy-efficient, lightweight, and easy for a single person to use, making them ideal for beginners and expert miners alike.

Why should you have a dry washer in your mining setup? Perhaps the better question is, why not? If you live and mine in an area without much water, a dry washer can still help you separate gold particles from dirt and clay. Browse the selection available at Northwest Detector Sales when you’re ready to take the plunge.

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